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  1. cd520

    Funny News

    Laser Pointer Aimed Toward Space In 1997 Finally Annoying Planet 13 Light-Years Away | The Onion - America's Finest News Source :D:D:D
  2. cd520

    A Few Night Pics

    Here are some night beam shots I quickly took on Thanksgiving night. My aunt lives on a nice hill and that is the view from her back yard.
  3. cd520

    2.147W Flaminpyro SS-032 Dual Flexdrive

    This will be my review of the Flaminpyro SS-032. This started out as a single flexdrive at 1.5A however in the push for more I decided to go for a dual flexdrive setup. Both flexdrives are set for 900mA a piece. At this level I found zero heating problems and no need for heatsinks on the...
  4. cd520

    Jetlaser's PL-C 200mw

    Here is my review of the PL-C 200mw IR filtered from Jetlasers. I was originally in the group buy for Jetlasers however my patience got the better of me. I ordered this directly through Gray. I will say Gray answered any and all questions about the laser in a very timely manner. Shipping was...
  5. cd520

    Jayrob's X2000 Focusable Head Host

    Here's a quick review of Jayrob's X2000 host. It's running an a140 445nm diode with a microboot driver set at 1A. The lens is an Aixiz 445 glass. I do not have an LPM yet but I'm guestimating at around 900mw's out. I will say it is a tight fit inside the host but I had no problem putting it...
  6. cd520

    So who likes hot/spicy food?

    Im a fan of some heat but not extreme like some folks. I like trying various peppers and hot sauces. So who here is a chili head?
  7. cd520

    WTB: 18650 Host

    Looking for an unused/unwanted 18650 host/heatsink. Thanks.
  8. cd520

    WTB: 532nm Greenie

    Looking for a good quality >100mw greenie running 18650 battery.
  9. cd520

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hello, I'm a crossover from CPF. I have always had a lurking interest in lasers. I guess after having my fill in the flashlight world this is the next step lol. I am also an electronic tech with 20 years of experience under the belt. In the past week I've went from a small urge to buy a 30mw...