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  1. Bacon

    Tool AAA host. Maybe?

    Ill have to look at this again on my break :) I have a copper Tool AAA that I swapped the driver and led HS. Its defiantly a novelty hand warmer; so I would probably only keep it max 50mW, but they are fun looking. (I fixed the pictures in the 1st post. My server i was renting to host the pics...
  2. Bacon

    Various ads removed for LPF Supporting Members.

    Are the popmyads something that will stay? I was getting loads of new tab popups while browsing the site, and then when clicking the login button another popup would trigger covering up the login form. Some of the pop-up tabs were the about:config trying to do something funky with the PDF...
  3. Bacon

    Looking for a host

    I have that one too. Mine is just labeled "cree q5" which is generic. One of my favorites. Some are very similar, but is hard to find one exactly the same.
  4. Bacon

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Ooooh, pens yes (y)
  5. Bacon

    dark layout - setup in-progress

    Thank you, I had this reaction when the page loaded. Just like when someone turns the lights on at work. Hope it all goes smooth for you. :cool:
  6. Bacon

    What a cheap laser can do, Beware!

    Even though there was some bad parenting; Im sure that the label on that laser probably said "5mW". I've bought plenty of those "5mW" pens. Some would make the dark spots on my skin tingle, and pop balloons. When I was younger I remember people starring into those 1mW cat toy lasers that would...
  7. Bacon

    Laser glow in the dark clock

    That is... most excellent!
  8. Bacon

    Laser Sight for Nerf Nemesis

    Where did you find that link...
  9. Bacon

    DTR 20mm Module Heatsinking Capability

    If it helps; here is my 20mm DTR next to a SL tappered copper heatsink. I would say the SL has just a little bit more chunk to it; especially with a full copper 12mm module installed. (I got the 20mm wired w/ driver at the time because I was being lazy)
  10. Bacon

    Oclaro 700 AMC7135

    Very nice. I hope I can get a lathe someday. I put a BE on my oclaro to try and tame it. Maybe someday Ill get better custom host for it so it doesn't look so weird. Its around 450mW with the BE. :)
  11. Bacon

    Affordable long-throw flashlight?

    This might sound dumb, but I would send a quad copter with a light and camcorder near them.
  12. Bacon

    Affordable long-throw flashlight?

    For super cheap I would maybe look at building your own in a empty Convoy-C8 host they are like $7. I like like the fact that the mcpcb can be screwed down to host. People say theirs goes from 200-400 meters depending on how small & bright your LED is. The best super bright LED would probably...
  13. Bacon

    Want to see my house?

    Nice... I mean, NOICE! I bet you could sell those.
  14. Bacon

    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    I enjoy this guys videos, and dry humor. It so happens that this one was about lasers. -- fixed it :thanks: -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfN_Fd9IYuY
  15. Bacon

    Need clarification on how a laser works? And how to build my own.

    I like buck drivers for higher powered diodes. Good luck deciding on a host for it all. Once its done you will just want more. :)
  16. Bacon

    harbor freight memorila day 25% coupon

    Good ole horrible freight. :na: I got a good deal on a low profile floor jack with a "20%" sale a few months ago. I seem to always get my last minute, "get it done" tools from there on a Sunday afternoon. I did have an issue with a coupon ringing up once, but I just awkwardly stared at the...
  17. Bacon

    We’re to buy our favourite silicone wire

    It may be pricey, but I like getting 20ft bags from BNTECHGO on amazon.
  18. Bacon

    RGB tail caps?

    Fist time I have seen a RGB tail cap. Looks neat. says its about 16mm. Thought I would post it here for lols. Has anyone else seen stuff like this? https://led4power.com/product/ilc-0-illuminated-tailcap-switch-module-default-leds-current-copy/
  19. Bacon

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Looks pretty slick. I wish we had orange diodes for that! :cool: Maybe someday
  20. Bacon

    OMG.... The Earth is Flat...

    Just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrWoG8IckyE