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    Laserlands 650nm & 532nm Module

    Well After your last post the bug bit me and I plugged it in. :) Both green and red lasers fired up with nothing connected to the TTL connectors. When I get home tonight I'll try hooking that plug up to my arduino and seeing if i can easily modulate the beam. Planned use is going to be a...
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    Laserlands 650nm & 532nm Module

    Thanks diachi - I'll try and get over to that section. Will likely come up with a few good questions throughout this project; may as well make the introduction! :) As for the module I have - I see the 12V-in plug; but what I wanted to learn more on is how the TTL worked. if I plug in 12v will...
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    Laserlands 650nm & 532nm Module

    I'm just getting myself into some laser projects and needed something a little more powerful than the run of the mil laser pointers I have been using. After going back and forth I ended up purchasing this setup from LaserLands.Net off Ebay. The only issue I have is that there was zero...