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  1. Varsis

    Spyder III Expanded Lens Kit

    so when they first put this expanded kit up it hand a lens that did a tunnel effect. Now its updated and they have a galaxy lens but no tunnel lens. oh and there is a focusing lens too which is nice. what happened to the tunnel lens. that was 9/10ths of the reason i wanted the expanded kit! oh...
  2. Varsis

    Wicked Lasers GIANT price drops!?

    I don't know about you guys but years past. and weeks past. I remember their green 100mw lasers running 300. Now the executive model is 140?! for the 100mw and the evo is 150? when did that happen? They dropped their red too. the 200mw red is only 50 bucks now... it used to be way higher. the...
  3. Varsis


    what ever happened to this guy? I've sent emails etc its like he disappeared off the planet a year ago. Been wanting to get a saber from him but no dice. Anyone else have any insight? Or know where I can get something Similar?
  4. Varsis


    the higher power measuring LPMs seem to get really expensive quickly. I was curious if there were any members who lived in Hawaii, namely Oahu with a Laser Power Meter. I wanna run the new arctic thru its paces soon.
  5. Varsis

    beam expander for spyder III pro?

    Anyone know where i might find something to accomplish this task? i'm looking for a 10 or 20x expander. something cheap enough to not make me sick after purchase. I love beam expanders, but i'm not sure i want to drop 300 bones on one. Thanks guys.