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    Site with private information on YOU!

    Go to www.spokeo.com now. It may have all your personal information! Your pics, full home adress (with pics of what your home looks like), phone number, credit score, family's names, etc. You can remove yourself by searching your name, copying the URL of your page, going to the bottom right...
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    [Video] Having fun with lasers + fireworks

    Albeit not being able to ignite fireworks at 10+ metres, our low-powered greenies and 405nm ebay pointers still put up quite a show when we used them to enhance a massive firecracker explosion. But see for yourself: UYdhUy9ISPo
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    Dilda questions: Lifetime, power, batteries

    Hi! I just purchased the Dilda V2 from O-like and, while waiting for it to arrive, I started asking myself what your dildas` lifetimes are/were and whether you followed some kind of duty-cicle. And how much mWs do you think I should expect with the enclosed 3.0V CR2 as opposed to 3.7V ones? Do...
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    Ever asked yourself: "What´s that catchy tune?"

    Well, here are several links I personally used to find the songs I was searching for: Midomi : Just sing the melody you´re searching for aloud after having clicked the "sing or hum" button and there you go. (Of course, a microphone is essential for this) Excerpts of almost all famous classical...
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    NEW! DX focusable 50 mW with keyswitch

    Anyone already seen this? Looks sweet :) With the included 18650 only 33,49$ !
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    How dangerous is this laser's IR? (Video included)

    Just got my 20 mW greenie from DX (sku.7544). I´ll soon do a review on it. But now on the IR part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY2VtGKDiwk After watching the video, what do you say? Is it dangerous? (And how can DX sell a laser stating that it has an IR-Filter, performance unverified,ok...
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    Cheapest optics set :)

    To have more fun with your laser, you don´t need anything else than a simple texteditor, CD and a bottle of water :) ! 1. textmarker fluorescence: 2. textmarker-solution fluorescence: 3. CD Diffraction: Have fun trying it out for yourself :D Greetz, GWC
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    DealExtreme product request Thread

    --- > http://www.dealextreme.com/forums/Forums.dx/Forum.-100~threadid.268215 Let´s all suggest laser accessories, such as IR Filters, Optics, etc.! :D
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    WTB: 10-30 mW Greenie

    Every offer is welcome :) !
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    Help a newbie find a replacement for his CORE

    Yeah, I lost it...  :'( :'( Very sad day... I just hope the person who found it (and didn´t bring it to the lost-property office  :( ), isn´t dumb enough to shine it into their eyes... but nvm, I want a new laser! I am lookin for a laser with: - good divergence - not too high power (should be...
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    Wicked Lasers CORE - nice laser :)

    Just a sneak peak of my soon to come review: (Was taken during daylight)
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    Wicked Lasers Core

    Hello there! Yes, I know, WL is not that popular on these forums, but I did not know that when I bought the WL Core one week ago off from ebay.  Of course I had tried to inform myself after finding the Core on WL`s website.. Unfortunately I bounced upon the "laser community"-forums, finding only...