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  1. Merpie101

    Epic wavelengths for epic prices!

    2mw 577nm labby for $100!!! https://www.nakulaser.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_18&products_id=494 1-100mw 604nm labby for $100!!! https://www.nakulaser.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_18&products_id=532 1-80mw 561nm labby for $100...
  2. Merpie101

    How do you store your lasers?

    im waiting for my 6th handheld to come in the mail (review soon) and i realized my two little boxes i have set up wont be able to fit another laser... kinda made me thing what yall do about it so i guess i was wondering what yall keep your lasers in? especially you who have way more than 6...
  3. Merpie101

    Hurricane Irma

    So ive been keeping up with the weather for the past few days and i felt like i should spread some info on the next big one, scheduled to hit right around Miami, Florida on of all dates... September 11. after that, it could either go into the gulf and just get stronger, or it will track up...
  4. Merpie101

    First build! Mitsubishi 638 lotsa pics :)

    So this has been sitting in my signature for some time now, and i felt like now would be a great time to get this project out into the forums :) lets start off with some quick stats.. The host was a C6 flashlight host from survival lasers driver was set to 1.25A and a Mitsubishi 500mw 638nm...
  5. Merpie101

    Just another pic thread

    i took some neat pictures of my 445 and 532 and i figured i needed a place to post them. im gonna leave an imgur album because if i posted them here yall would complain about image size ;) enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/0q9UE
  6. Merpie101

    First build help

    hello its me again! :) so ive been thinking about doing a build for some time and ive finally figured out what i want to do. thinking 700mw+ 638. but first some questions: 1) is it safe to run the oclaro 700mw 638 to 1w? ive seen it done but then again ive seen people run 16x 405s at 1w but i...
  7. Merpie101

    Color edit + image format test

    i did a photo color edit one an old picture back when i had my 200mw red. also testing image format since i cant seem to get it right. edit: yay it works! hope you enjoy
  8. Merpie101

    would a standard prism work for rgb?

    hello, so i was seeing all the stuff about rgb lasers using pbs cubes and dichros, but i was thinking why cant you just use a plain old prism? as in you know how white light will split into the reds, yellows, greens, blues and violets and they all exit the prism at an angle depending on the...
  9. Merpie101

    Rip my only laser

    here we go again well so a few months ago i spent a good $40 on a 200mw 650, and for the time i got it in the mail and today, it worked wonders. and now its dead. i want to know why this is the 3rd time this has happened, and im really frustrated. any help is appreciated, got a job cleaning...
  10. Merpie101

    Beam reducer thing

    So i made a thing that reduces a beam to a much lower power and it keeps the shape of the beam. I thought it was pretty cool, so i kinda decided to post it here :P
  11. Merpie101

    Homebuilt rgy laser using legos

    So having been not buying any new lasers yet, i continue to find things fun to do with the lasers i currently have. A while ago i took apart a camera and found this little glass thingy that reacted with light in ways i knew normal glass wouldnt. So i tried pointing my lasers through it and got...
  12. Merpie101

    looking for purple!

    alrighty, now that i have a working red laser, i can start going for a new violet one hopefully. any links to a 100mw+ purpley would be greatly appreciated. preferably it would have a clicky instead of a momentary, i dont care much about divergence. as most of you that have seen my posts, im...
  13. Merpie101

    200mw 650nm LZCB from lazerer

    Alrighty guys! i just got my new laser in the mail, and so im gonna do a review on it! Heres the link if you would like to buy one aswell :) LZCB - CYBER 650nm 200mW Red Laser Pointer Lets start out with shipping time i guess :) I ordered this laser on the 17th, got an email saying it was...
  14. Merpie101

    Something's wrong

    So ive had my green laser for a while now, and ive been noticing this horrid halo around the dot. :gun: Heres a pic of it without the lens So whats happening here? Is the infrared diode screwed up? Maybe the crystals are dirty? is this damage repairable or will it just have to stay? this...
  15. Merpie101

    What is a good divergence?

    just recently i found an online divergence calculator and i decided it would be cool to measure its divergence :) so after the setup i found that my basic green laser has a divergence of exactly 1.2303143398648593 mRad, or more simply 1.2 mRad :P so is this a good divergence? if not, what is...
  16. Merpie101

    blue laser, or red?

    My grandparents are kinda uncomfortable with me owning a 1w blue laser, but i could save up for one. but if they decide i cant get the blue one, would it be a good idea to get this red one? LZCB - CYBER 650nm 200mW Red Laser Pointer ive always liked red lasers, and the blue one freaks my...
  17. Merpie101


    so i was thinking that since im gonna be doing this laser thing for sure, i may as well get a way to make fog. so i check online for fog machines and get faced by my only limitation so far: money. so is there a nontoxic way to make fog really easy? im kinda worried about using dry ice since CO2...
  18. Merpie101

    Crappy beam shots of cheap ebay laser

    Well, atleast i tried :) Edit: fixed the pictures! thanks diachi :)
  19. Merpie101

    Should i get this laser?

    i have decided to be done with the cheapo ebay lasers, and i was thinking about getting a more powerful laser, such as maybe a 1w blue, i have found a handful of places to get a 1w blue, but for the price and the host i am looking at this laser: Cyber 445nm - 1W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer im...
  20. Merpie101

    How to estimate power of a 405 without an lpm?

    hello. new guy here, and i recently got a generic chinese laser 301 405nm and ive seen some things on sites that show what certain mw of 405nm can do What can certain mW of laser do this laser's beam is really visible from the side at night. even better from the users point of view. which...