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  1. jamaall

    For Sale: 3.5W 445nm Blue - Price Drop!

    I have a 3.5W 445nm Blue with a brand new diode, driver, and aluminum heat sink (1 month old, mainly only used for pictures). I originally bought it from Rick Trent about 2 years ago and had him give it new life about a month ago. Price - $180 shipped I also have a pair of UVEX safety glasses...
  2. jamaall

    Focusing Issue

    A while back, I had taken my lens out of my laser and put it back in. Ever since I could not get it to focus. The spot is nearly a meter in diameter when I am around 4 or so meters away, and as I had said, trying to focus it just spins the beam instead of adjusting the spot's size. Any idea of...
  3. jamaall

    Has anyone ever tested a generic "Laser 301" build?

    I see so many listings on ebay for "burning lasers" for around $10 and they all use the "Laser 301" host. They claim that they can only burn black tipped matches and I can confirm this to be absolutely true, I've had a green one for over a year. I had just purchased a 405nm and a 650nm for the...
  4. jamaall

    110mW Wicked Lasers Spyder III Krypton 532nm

    Here I have a Spyder III Krypton from Wicked Lasers, measured at 110mW. Very little run time on it. Feel free to PM with any questions or offers. Comes with everything you see in the pictures, charger, safety glasses, battery, and carrying case. You must be 18 and understand the...
  5. jamaall

    WTB: 2W+ 445nm Decent Run Time Under $215

    Looking for a 445nm laser with at least 60 seconds run time and 2W+ for around $215
  6. jamaall

    SOLD: 1.4W Blue Ice and 145mW 660nm Minisabre V2

    So I've decided that I want to sell a couple lasers in order to upgrade to a 2W 445nm. Here is my Yobresal Blue Ice 1.4W: Burning Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5YU0Ts5pDc If this doesn't work, here's a link: Burning Laser Pointer! Burns Matches Instantly - 1400mW - HD and Slow Motion...
  7. jamaall

    Best Place to buy a 50mW Green Laser

    I recently bought a "High Power Laser" from Amazon. It was listed as 5mW, but when I had received it, I saw that it was much more powerful. After doing some research, I found that it was the same laser as the 50mW Laser 301 from Yourlasers.com. But I recently found out that the listing for the...
  8. jamaall

    WTB Red 635nm or 650nm Laser

    I'm looking to buy a 635nm or a 650nm red laser at around 100-300mW. If anyone has one and wants some extra cash, leave a message! Need to complete my collection of high powered lasers! Thanks.
  9. jamaall

    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    A few days ago, I was on here talking about trying out Amazon's high powered green lasers. So I did. I bought this: Amazon.com: MillionAccessories Adjustable Focus 5mW Green Laser Pointer Pen With Safety Key + Battery + Charger: Electronics First, I'll start with the looks and price. It comes...
  10. jamaall

    High Powered Amazon Lasers?

    I've been looking around for a high powered 532nm laser for cheap, and found some on Amazon. Does anyone own one, or have a recommendation of which one to get? Amazon.com: MillionAccessories Adjustable Focus 5mW Green Laser Pointer Pen With Safety Key + Battery + Charger: Electronics...
  11. jamaall

    Has anyone bought burning lasers from Amazon?

    I was looking around amazon for 16340 batteries, but ended up stumbling upon burning lasers claiming to be 5mW, but can burn. Reviews are all good and people say it looks like a light saber, and some say it actually does burn matches or plastic. Has anyone actually bought one of these burning...
  12. jamaall

    Glow in the dark panel?

    I've seen people on YouTube use a panel that glows in the dark after shooting your laser at it. Does anyone know where I can buy it? Thanks!
  13. jamaall

    Yobresal Blue Ice 1400mW

    This is my first burning laser. It's at 1400mW and 445nm. Here are some pics: Luckily, I have caps that are meant to be used for laser pointer pens, but they (just barely) fit onto the lense! Here is a burn test video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5YU0Ts5pDcBurning Laser! Burns...
  14. jamaall

    Bad Beam Convergence with Yobresal Blue Ice?

    I recently bought a 1.4W Yobresal Blue Ice from another forum member. Up close, its great, and it burns stuff instantly. But at any distance, the beam looks like a splatter instead of a dot. This is my first high power laser, but from what I think, it may be the lense/focus that is messing it...
  15. jamaall

    Recommended Website to buy a laser from?

    I've been looking around for a website that had good rep, and cheap lasers. But it seems that there are problems with all of them that I find. What website would you guys recommend?
  16. jamaall

    QQ-Tech 5mW Lasers Green/Red/Violet Review

    I am sure that if you're on here, you have a powerful laser, but if you're looking for cheap lasers that won't blind anyone, I highly recommend QQ-Tech from Amazon. I bought the violet laser from them, and ended up buying a red and violet one also. Green: The green beam can be seen in dim...