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  1. Pouie

    50mW Dragon Laser 589nm Spartan Yellow Laser! :D

    Anyone want to purchase my 50mW Dragon Laser 589nm? Looks like on their site it is about $450 after shipping. Why not buy it from me for $390 (shipped - CONUS only), save $60 and not have to worry about long shipping time, customs, or getting a defective unit? :) Imagine the headache of trying...
  2. Pouie

    589nm 50mW Dragon Lasers Spartan Yellow Laser Review

    Link to laser: Yellow Laser Pointers : Dragon Lasers Cost: $499 USD Delivery Time: 10 days (8 business days) from ordering. Very impressive! (Philadelphia) Weight: 9.2 oz. Length: 8 inches or 200mm Power: Using LaserBee AX (3.1W) the laser slowly ramps up to 40mW over the course of 20...
  3. Pouie

    Eagle Pair Glasses Too Big :(

    I got the Eagle Pair OD5+ 190-540nm&800-1700nm Glasses and they fall down and almost off my damn head when I look down. I returned them to Amazon cause that isn't safe at all. The Uvex ones fit quite nicely but I want to protect my eyes the best I can. Any ideas? I liked the Eagle Pair in...
  4. Pouie

    Hey there, I'm Lou!

    I wish I didn't like lasers since they are dangerous and expensive. So anyway, I got the green Laser 303 from eBay and it's amazing how powerful it is for 10 bucks! My brother got me a green Dragon Laser 35mW probably 7 years ago. First thing I did with it was shoot it at a plane. He told me...