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  1. Ears and Eggs

    Post your random pics!

    Awesome pictures. Love how those shots turned out, almost looks like a Pulsar/Neutron Star with beams of light coming from both poles like that. :D
  2. Ears and Eggs

    Post your random pics!

    Unfortunately it was cloudy here in Ottawa, Canada last night and we missed the Lunar Eclipse. :( The pictures of Orion and the Pleiades were 10 - 15 second exposures taken with a Nikon D3400 DSLR. I am actually in pretty heavily light polluted area., city suburbs, Level 7 on the Bortle Scale.
  3. Ears and Eggs

    Post your random pics!

    A few pictures I got of Orion and the Pleiades during what was probably the only clear night in December:
  4. Ears and Eggs

    Happy New Year LPF! 2019

    Happy New Year! Hopefully getting all the bad luck over and done with back in 2018, my chair collapsed just an hour before midnight!
  5. Ears and Eggs

    Krakatoa eruption

    Very scary, it seems with this type of non seismically generated tsunami it is much harder to provide any kind of alert. Appears there was little to no warning at all. Tsunami Indonesia Concert -- LiveLeak.com
  6. Ears and Eggs

    New astronomy member

    Welcome to the forum! We have quite a few members here interested in both lasers and astronomy. Already have some threads relating to astro gear and telescopes: Post your telescope here: :D https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/post-your-telescope.102999/
  7. Ears and Eggs

    Another PC Problem lol

    I got a new keyboard recently, a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2, and it works great once Windows had loaded but the BIOS won't recognize it so I am completely locked out of changing any BIOS settings. From what I have read some gaming keyboards have this issue and some have a compatibility switch...
  8. Ears and Eggs

    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

    Anyone seen the trailer for the newly announced movie "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu"? I am a big fan of the Pokemon franchise, but to make this a live action film is just weird beyond words lol.
  9. Ears and Eggs

    Got Bored - New LPF logo

    Awesome logo. Think it's time for a new one myself, we've usually upgraded every few years. Not a huge fan of the current one tbh. This was always my favorite, some here might still remember it: (Sorry, I don't remember who made this to credit them)
  10. Ears and Eggs


    Spider scare sends government workers home -- Twice
  11. Ears and Eggs

    PC Fan Speed Issue

    Unfortunately I do not have those pieces of equipment to test with. The fans have 4 wires. ^Yeah that's it. Yeah, I looked through the BIOS settings but there are very limited options with this motherboard. There don't seem to be any options relating to the fans. I will try plugging the CPU...
  12. Ears and Eggs

    PC Fan Speed Issue

    I have been having this strange problem with the CPU fan on my PC lately. Right from boot I get an error message "0135: Fan Failure" and the fan immediately speeds up to maximum speed. No matter what I do it will stay at full speed for as long as the PC is on. I have been monitoring the system...
  13. Ears and Eggs


    Firefighters warn: "Please don't use a blowtorch to kill spiders" "Officials say a Fresno home was damaged after the homeowner's son tried to kill black widow spiders with a blowtorch CBS LA"
  14. Ears and Eggs

    More bad safety

    Wow, what a bunch of dumba** neanderthals. Certainly explains why aliens won't contact us though:
  15. Ears and Eggs

    A question about Nikon D3400 DSLR camera regarding beamshots (LED and / or laser)

    Very cool pictures, I just got the Nikon D3400 camera myself earlier this year. :D
  16. Ears and Eggs

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    Could do something like that where the prize is a really epic laser, like a big frame whitelight ArKr. Some of the revenue from ticket sales would go towards buying the laser and the rest goes to the forum. Could be a new laser item every month. First the ArKr, then maybe something from Sanwu...
  17. Ears and Eggs

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    Another temporary workaround you can use is if your display has a "Reader Mode" it'll skew the colors over to the red wavelengths and dim the display somewhat while reader mode is activated to make it easier on the eyes. Probably will look slightly different on every monitor, but the option...
  18. Ears and Eggs

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    Very minor issue, but it seems all animated gif avatars no longer play. It just shows one frozen frame, so for now I changed my avatar as the previous one doesn't make much sense without the animation playing. :D
  19. Ears and Eggs

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    I like the lighter theme, for some reason I always found it easier to read. Glad to see the rep system replaced with the likes, hopefully this focuses on the positive posts and can avoid all the stupid drama that has plagued the old rep system in the past.
  20. Ears and Eggs

    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    Yeah I seem to have a different set of options then. It appears the mod options are there instead.