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    Installing IR blocking filters on the cheap 532 nm green laser burners

    Whoops... I just now found some on Amazon. A dinky little lens is almost as much as the entire laser was but maybe I'll find some cheaper ones. :confused:
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    Installing IR blocking filters on the cheap 532 nm green laser burners

    Anyone here tried this? I bought a $10 green laser flashlight off ebay and it is wayy more powerful than I expected, and that's just the light I can see. I wonder how much it leaks in 808 or 1064nm? Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone make small IR blocking filters to slip in front of the...
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    What is your favorite laser color / wavelength?

    I like the 450 nm blue just because you can see the beam most of the time. I like the 532 nm green too because it's so bright, and then there is orange .... how long before we have orange?? That would be soo sweet! .. Lemon yellow too. I'll get back with ya on the fav color thing .... :confused:
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    The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

    I have some Eagle goggles and they are like 190-540nm OD6+ so not too worried about any purple blue or green. The only thing is most of those 532 nm greenies have the IR leakage and you never know how strong it is pen to pen. I don't want to take any chances so I ordered some IR blocking...
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    Hi everyone, I've been interested in lasers ever since finding a job in electro optics at a...

    big tech company down in Dallas Tx. way back in the 80s. This was military stuff but I built and aligned ND Yag IR range finder / target designator lasers. It was an interesting job. I worked in a clean room and they actually paid me to learn about eye safety, different optical properties...