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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    I really hope this all blows over and dont end up with some legislation being put into place preventing the sale or shipment of high power laser diodes. I own a few sanwu lasers as well as a 1 watt 520 nm jet and I prefer the sanwu hosts. The build quality is amazing on my striker sabers. You...
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    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    Honestly I would only recommend buying from sanwu or jet lasers if your trying to buy from a company. If you want a quality custom laser made contact lifetime17 he does great work
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    Reef Aquarium pest laser...which to get?

    I have purchased several lasers from Lifetime17 and all of them were top quality builds with power output above what I asked for. He is very experienced and has been building custom lasers for the members of this forum for a long time and I highly recommend having him do a build for you. He is...
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    WTB yellow dpss handheld or lab

    Anyone have a yellow dpss handheld or lab laser they are willing to sell. Like maybe a 589nm spartan or something similar.
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    Homebuilt Manganese Vapour Laser (MnVL)

    Absolutely amazing to see this
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    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Yeah unfortunately I have to say go ahead and sell it. Im on the verge of loosing my apartment because I have been out of work for so long and havent gotten any disability or any sort of income coming in at this point. So I have to worry about somehow keeping a roof over me and my 2 sons head...
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    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Yeah rich is an amazing person. I am so grateful for everything he has done for me that's for sure
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    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Thank you so much everyone. I am overwhelmed with the generosity and caring this community has shown me. I will definitely pay it forward in one form or another.
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    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Hey guys. I am still a fairly new member here but when I first joined I was very active in the forums and made a few new friends (which I am extremely grateful for). Then suddenly I disappeared for a while and I just want to include everyone on why I was missing for as long as I was. I started...
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    Looking for cheapest functional LPM (laser power meter). Will this one work?

    Pretty sure you would need the optical sensor that goes with the meter. And being old and used it's probably not calibrated at all which would make it useless. Also it does not state which wavelength(s) it is able to read so you would have to do some research to see what the maxium power...
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    Space Discussion Thread

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    Seeking a functional astronomy pen laser recommendation after getting screwed by LPS

    Honestly go with the Sanwu pocket series. I just purchased a 405nm 500mW Sanwu pocket and the build quality like all of sanwu products is amazing. They have many wavelengths and they are usually always over spec in output. If you want something with more power they have the striker saber series...
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    How to get a Spyder 3 artic laser in aus?

    Honestly you are much better buying a laser from either Sanwu or Jetlasers. They are both much better companies than wickedlasers. They have way better lasers and at a much better price. Jetlasers host are very similar to wicked lasers and are much better quality. I personally like Sanwu lasers...
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    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    Honestly that wouldn't be any better for heat transfer. The superconducting properties are only achieved when the metal is cooled to about 10 degrees Kelvin which is very very cold. Now carbon nanotube woven into a material similar to carbon fiber would be amazing as I have seen a piece cut...
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    Looking for a handheld pulsed laser

    Hey guys is anyone here capable and willing to make a hand held pulsed laser capable of firing through a razor blade when focused. I'm willing to pay a fair amount