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    Power a lasermodule to a 7v transformer

    So basically any transformer with an output of 9V and 80mA in this case right? And what about the 2-wires connection? Because I will be installing it in a room with a humidity close to 90%, not sure if conditions remain the same or I should take any special caution (nothing is specified in the...
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    Power a lasermodule to a 7v transformer

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the forum and have looked this question up for a while but failed to find it, so if it's not the first time asked I apologise and request to forward to the corresponding thread. I'm interested in setting a laser working 24h in a very humid room, and while I know...
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    New guest in town

    Hi everyone! I've started working with lasers quite recently and googling stuff over time ended up reading a lot of cool stuff from you guys, so decided to step ahead and be part of this community. As it says in the welcome post I'll be searching stuff till the end before posting any bs, so...