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  • Does this reach LPF member Xer0 ? would it be possible to shoot me an email @ hbell@intmatsol.com

    see what I mean-?-without some idea where you live it not as easy to give you help..

    if you will add that fact to your profile it will show in every post..

    Bigger question to me is where is Rog8811 and when will we see him back at LPF?? miss his cool builds...

    My 2nd REKE just cleared USA customs- should be in my hands soon!!!!
    NEWS about REKES is at ROG.
    btw ...I wish rog8811 would come back on the forums... he was/is an awesome member..
    Hi xer0,

    I don't have a moneybookers account, but let me know, how many drivers do you need?

    Are you interested to join to this project? If you are located in Germany (inside EU, the same like me) i think we can/have many options!

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