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    Need advice

    Well ok. Thanks for all the advice. Guess I'll figure it out myself..
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    Need advice

    I knew about reginak only after I sent him the money in 2012 and I had received my laser. I was amazed he was doing that to her. He did pay her back after an extended period of time so when he told me he was done with the RGB I didn't think he'ed pull this. With persarian I only found out...
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    Need advice

    Hi all. I have an issue. In December of 2013. I sent my laser back to JLSE , wannaburn or whatever Joe wants to call himself for an upgrade. Up till april of this year his communications were rare. It was near impossible to get him to respond. From then till now, which is near 4 months I...
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    I looked into my green laser ahhh

    I've played enough D&D to know the only way to kill a troll is with fire..... or in this case ignored....
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    I looked into my green laser ahhh

    Do other forums get post like this? If i was on a gun forum would i see" I just got whatever gun and i wanted to see if it hurt so i shoot myself in the hand. After i did i wasnt sure so i shoot my foot. Now im bleeding allover.. should i go to the ER or stay and wait it out?" I dont know...
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    I looked into my green laser ahhh

    Tell me you're lying or a troll. I can't believe anyone would do anything so stupid and then post it here. If it is true please laser your crotch next and remove such potential stupidity from the gene pool. Thank you and have a blindingly stupid day. Again hope its a joke.
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    Is a white laser possible?

    Just look at my review of the one laser in reviews. Not only is it white and handheld it's every color.
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    price lowered NOIR LaserShield OD7+ Goggles 190-534nm $60 shipped

    When you think about how people will pay X hundreds of dollars for a laser but then are apprehensive about buying quality eye protection it's kinda crazy. One set of eyes. Many sets of lasers people. My NOIR eye wear is all I'll use with high power lasers. Go OD 7 or go home!
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    One laser to rule them all...

    It is "The one laser" He said that it was a good call on the name, kinda covers it all. Names are always a pain. Played alot of D&D and naming characters was the worst part of making them. Don't play anymore but I love magic the gathering lol.
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    One laser to rule them all...

    @ CDBEAM777. JLSE told me pixies made the colors....Oh and a unicorn, can't forget the unicorn. Sorry I don't have any pics of the inside and wouldn't dare tamper with the magic. @petters. Those glasses look like they may protect you a little from the red and green but it looks like 450 blue...
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    One laser to rule them all...

    Oh I forgot. It will pop a black balloon from about 2 feet away. No it won't light a match. And no one pair of glasses will protect you.
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    One laser to rule them all...

    PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER BEFORE READING. This review should be read on the toilet or in protective undergarments. I will not be held responsible for ruined pants, underwear, chairs or sofa's ruined due to the disregard of this disclaimer. Thank you and enjoy responsibly. ...The world of...
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    JLSE - Laser not arriving. Uncontactable for past month.

    I'm glad it worked out and is finally over for you.
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    Bad Dealings with Laser83

    Did paypal change it's policy on lasers? I thought they wouldn't deal with lasers and laser related goods due to the FDA.
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    Can some more well informed users than me help point me in the direction of the best

    I like jetlasers. Fast shipping. Overspec lasers. Gray is the best rep. Need I say more? Ok I will. My PL-E 700wm 532nm peaked over 900mw .Ave is like 800mw