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    My 493nm 'Jetlasers Ti-B' Build

    The Emisar Ti lights are great but they don't compare with how iconic the Jetlaser Ti-B is. I've had my empty Ti-B sitting here since 2014 just waiting for some attention, maybe it's time I did something with it ; )
  2. will manners

    Nature Shots

    Have you tried focus stacking?! Especially with a dead spider or insect it would be much easier to get multiple shots at different focus in order to blend them together :beer:
  3. will manners

    Nature Shots

    Thanks Arcticdude! Keen to see more of yours :beer: Haha, yeah it's been awhile since I last posted... Life gets in the way and you develop different interests and incur additional expenses :cryyy: I've still got a heap of laser gear that I'm looking to sell soon, Sinner MS-SSW, Eghemus...
  4. will manners

    Nature Shots

    Holy nutballs! It's been a while and I'm so glad to see so many good images! Well done Nutball, macro photography is something I haven't tried but am very intrigued! Since the start of 2018 I have been studying photography and have loved it! What I find really exciting is going back through...
  5. will manners

    Im back.. Its been 3 years.

    Honestly rep means extremely little these days! Not necessarily a bad thing though. I have also been on hiatus for a year or so, it's good to welcome back old members. :beer:
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    Post your random pics!

    Yep, well they're samsung cells so it's kinda expected :p I've posted a thread on the esk8 forums if anyone's curious. Boosted clone deck | 10S4P | JLabs Dual 6355 | Dual VESC | Black 90mm | Carbon Here's a few more photos from that thread.
  7. will manners

    Post your random pics!

    Yes!! It's a DIY electric skateboard :D It will have headlights, brake lights and turning signals. For science I may attach lasers to the front and ride around, (in a controlled environment of course!) The lights will draw power via a buck converter connected to the 42V battery pack. I'm...
  8. will manners

    Post your random pics!

    Yes and no. It will emit photons but they won't be coherent and that won't be its primary purpose ;)
  9. will manners

    Post your random pics!

    Not quite but it's going to be just as much fun :eg:
  10. will manners

    Post your random pics!

    What could I possibly use 40 high drain Samsung 25R 18650's for :eek: Build thread coming soon ;)
  11. will manners

    WTB: Variable Power Supply

    Well I've had this unit for some time now and from my limited use its proven to be very versatile. I haven't measured the output ripple with an oscilloscope but I couldn't resist powering up a PL450B :p It worked flawlessly when powering the PL450B although I guess the only claim I can make is...
  12. will manners

    New to this forum (Australia)

    Welcome mate! I am slightly skeptical of your slodering skills... ;) Personally I would ditch that module and buy one from fasttech. Those Dealextreme modules never output what they are rated for. Buy this instead, it's only 5 bucks and they can output over 100mw in some cases, they are dirt...
  13. will manners

    PL515 Pen (re)Build - 50mW 515nm

    Lovely wavelength Diachi! It's been so long since I did a build I need to get back into the swing of things :beer:
  14. will manners

    Nature Shots

    Holy shit Grainde those are spectacular! How many times have you been to Australia? :whistle: Here's another one from Mackenzie Lake.
  15. will manners

    Nature Shots

    Another shot from NZ on the Routeburn track :)