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    Another hello amongst a sea of threads

    Halo 3 (Wars) > Laserz LOL welcome Fellow HaloFanboy!
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    Oh SenKat Please HELP!

    thanks man!
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    Laser Givaway!

    OMFG I was just about to give away all 839,837,783,929 of my Ferraris and my Islands in the Caribbean! :o I figure after I Purchased the US with pocket change, I am well off! Whoever answers this question gets it all! True or False: Se7en? Submit all answers to IrTEHsukx@faKERfaCE.Suk
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    Laser Givaway!

    Yeah that sounds sweet!
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    Oh SenKat Please HELP!

    Thanks ill email next time, I was just FREAKING out! my bad. PS hey nes_ds ;)
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    Oh SenKat Please HELP!

    I am sorry to make a thread to one person but I am depserate!!! My Pulsar 100 was just working perfectly until it accidently was shone back into itself by bouncing off of a mirror! Now it is outputting barely 1 mW :'( Please help Oh RedLaserMaster Senkat!!! I am 15 and have no way to get...
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    My Herc Stole the show

    I stole the show at the fireworks in my neighborhood. All I used was my 75 mW WL. I tried not to use it so muc h because the kids were all like LOOK A GREEN THING<THERE IT IS AGAIN! LOL ;D It was especially cool in the left over smoke!
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    Stolen Laser Video

    I think this is Wicked's video (Parts of it) http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1751989/ :o
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    Sad day for laser enthusiasts..

    the equation I get is Carmangary=LaserK=immiture ;)
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    HappyBirthday SenKat!!!

    Happy birthday, I hope it is great!!! Is it the big 40? Maybe you can celebrate by visiting carmangary with a shotgun ;D *BOOM*
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    Sonar Blu-Ray pictures

    So Where do I sign up for free lasers? ;D And i mean tons of free lasers ;) So where are the websites that you post all of your reviews on ALL of these lasers? I would be very interested in reading them.
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    35mw WL Your thoughts

    It is VERY addicting!!!!! ;)
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    newbie--- question about laser purchase

    I have to agree with Pseudo. My WL 15 mW lights matches!!! :D The Executive series are great and HIGHLY recommended! 8-) If you do decide to go with it in the end, you can use this link to purchase and save 5% off your order! h t t p : / / w w w.wickedlasers.com/index.php?refer= 1 0 0 1 4...
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    35mw WL Your thoughts

    *Drools at Coherent* :o Unfortuatley, I do not have one. How do I measure the divigence? The dot is 1 inch at 100 feet thanks ;D
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    35mw WL Your thoughts

    Ya, it is quite the FR3AK ;D It is so awsome to have a laser that lights matches when you only paid $99.99 for it. It preforms as well as a laser that that I paid $159.99 for ( 75 mW Dragon ) ;D In the words of Leuko it is my Lil Spyder. ::)