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    DVD IR laser cutting paper

    I have no means of measuring the output, but it's being driving at about 2.3V 240ma. The optics is from a cheap laser level that has an adjustible lense assembly.
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    DVD IR laser cutting paper

    Modified Streamlight Task-Light 2AA with DVD IR laser diode cutting regular bond paper.
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    My LED flash light conversion

    My DVD Lasers converted from LED flash lights. The green one is the first one I converted from a NOMA flash light, the silver is a Streamlight.
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    What nm is the less visible diode in the DVD-RWs

    Re: What nm is the less visible diode in the DVD-R Thanks, but what is the nm for the IR, is it 808nm? Because I thought 808nm is not visible at all and the one from the DVD writer is slightly visible red.
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    What nm is the less visible diode in the DVD-RWs

    Does anybody know what nm is the less visible laser diode in the DVD-RWs. I have to get safety eye wear to considered fooling around with it. The power from it is rather scary because it burned through 60lb paper stock with black print and it would burn bright white. My other two very bright DVD...
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    Hello, LPF

    Hi, I'm Vince, Nice forum you got here. I hope to learn more about laser moding and building. I alway wanted a laser since I experimented with one during highschool. I even tried to buy one from the school but they wouldn't allow it. Now I have two from extracting the diodes from DVD burners and...