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    My DIY Laser CNC build...

    Can you tell me which file and which part you changed?
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    TUT how to convert scientech 365 from 115v to 230v input

    Hi, recently bought a scientech 365 but i do not live in the US nor i use 115v for mains. In my country i use 230vac so i successfully converted the 115vac to 230vac. This tutorial is a really short and simple one for those who do not know how. Now the ophir is not available the next cheapest...
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    bdr s06xlb/s07xlb

    Is there really no info on the s06xlb sled??
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    bdr s06xlb/s07xlb

    Hi all, found a pioneer bdr s06xlb/07 sled for a price of around USD$7 wondering if it is worth getting it? How is the power like for s06/07xlb? It is a 3.8mm diode i think. LG 16x BH16NS40 sled at approx USD$16 is it better??
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    Sale PL520 $99 ML501P73 $55

    Real good deal I will see if I can find funds.
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    Meanwhile in Singapore . . . . .

    Not only pay the fees, you need submit forms and to take test too..... Medical check up is also required...
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    I need some help to modify a green laser pointer with DVD diode

    I guess you want change from green to red? If yes, just push the old diode out and push the new diode in Set the driver current with a test load and solder on to the diode For the lens, I think you can just use it as it might be plastic and uncoated. I'm not sure if it will melt.
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    Need opinion on an idea

    Not sure if it is a fast or slow. But for the price I guess it is slow.
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    Need opinion on an idea

    I recently overheat my 9mm diode while i was too amazed playing with it. Call me dumb/stupid. I totally forgot about the duty cycle :yabbem: Now i thought of an idea, not sure if it will work, can someone good with electronic tell me if it will work good without damage to diode/driver? like...
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    Sinner's Custom Hosts Clearout: V5 Copperheads $38 , Cypreus Pens - $15

    Re: Sinner's Custom Hosts Clearout SALE: MS-V2 and MS-V3 Clearout - $25.00 Good deal. Thinking whether to get another v3... And sand it down again.
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    New 9mm 445 diodes

    Does it affect output? if it does i will just junk it and go get a g2 lens. I just realise the "suppose" datasheet was taken down by nichia, eol ? New one coming up with more power?
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    New 9mm 445 diodes

    Hmm maybe. Yeah it seems like the glass was made in rotation or I only striped partially of the coating that was put in circular motion. Or is a bad lens It reminds me of fresnel lens...
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    New 9mm 445 diodes

    I saw acetone is ok. so i used LOL... A picture of what i am talking about. the dot are some large dust that i have not really blow it off. was using dtr barrel. my diode window is perfect clean! the spiral shape is actually all over the lens, if i invert the lens i can see it more clearly
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    New 9mm 445 diodes

    I'm not sure if i found a good method of extracting the lens, but this is how i do. I soak it in nail polish for awhile which contain a little acetone. Then took a tweezer and try to poke on some left over glue used when attach to the diode, when i feel it is soft enough, i took a scotch tape...
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    Need some help in finding the fault in my build.

    I think i some how get you, you talking about testing whether switch is spoilt or working? yeah it is working. put dmm to continuity mode and beep fine when on and not when off. My problem is i need to find out whats the problem that caused the diode led just when i bring it out of my house...