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  • Hi, im a newbie to LPF and since i saw that your from the Gold Coast and im from sydney would you have any tips for lasers in australia, laws really tough here.

    Thanks :)
    I'm new into the laser scene and i'm only up in Brisbane i've been trying to purchase one for a while now but i couldn't find any place to ship to Australia without taking a risk of customs getting hold of it....I was just wondering if you have any for sale or do you build them at all? Please get back to me thanks. John
    alrighty sounds good. and if i had money on my paypal account that i didnt owe someone, i would definitely give it to you to pay shipping.
    Unfortunately not...

    If they don't pay within 48 hours. I'll have their units for sale. But NOW i have to cover price of shipping. So $17. :(
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