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    Jokes thread!

    Little Johnny, 12 years old,  comes running home after playing at his friends house. He is very excited as he comes in the door and says " Mommy, Mommy, I had sex today!" Mom is obviously unhappy and says " You WHAT??!?! You goto your room and wait for your father to get home!" Johnny goes to...
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    Is it just me who has one?

    Shoot wont let me post a link - too new not enough posts. Anyways I have a pic of the guts, its not much, but what can you expect for a buck? Edit Cool that worked Anyways there ya go lol
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    Is it just me who has one?

    I just tore apart one of those, doubtful its 5mw Much smaller than a 12mm module, appears to be focusable but mine wont seem to budge I got a couple of 4 packs from DX to play around with
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    Couple of host questions from a n00b..

    Heya all, Been doing a lot of reading before I embark on my first few builds and have a couple Q's on the host. I have some different drivers (Fusion and RCKSTR), and am completely confident in building the circuit correctly and my soldering ability, so no redundant electrical questions =D - now...
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    pre-order phr803  #5  sold out

    Re: pre-order phr803 18$-ships anywhere #5 Heya, New user here - look forward to making some toys.. Put me down for 2 harvested in modules. Paypal sent Thanks!