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    OXLASERS Ripoff Report?

    Well, i see that, and it doesn't seem good from his point of view.. But i've bought a 200mW red and a 200mW green from OXLasers, and i am more than satisfied.. I'm GUESSING that my green is around 150mW, but i don't know as i don't own a LPM. My red, well, i have no clue how many mW it could...
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    Exchange student - USA

    Thanks for the quick and usefull replies! So, i should carry my 2 lasers with my, with my Carry on luggage? Should i peel the laser stickers of them, and if they ask just say they are flashlights, og should i just put them in my normal luggage and wrap them in my socks or some clothings, and...
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    Exchange student - USA

    So hello all, i might me be new to most of you, as i haven't put in many posts or threads, but i've been reading a whole lot on this site... :-) But, i'm going as an exchange student to the United States Of America on Thursday, where i will live in a small city in Nebraska. I would love to...
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    Laser for a graduation present, please help

    First, no, a good quality 5mw laser is only 5 miliwatt, whereoff many cheap '5mw' lasers actually aren't 5 miliwatt, but often between 15-30mW. Even though that, your cheap, low quality 150mW should still output over 30mW i assume, so no a good quality 5mW it won't be better than your cheap...
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    Newbee's First Laser

    He ment 18650, wich is a common battery for lasers and flashlights. :-) But i think the 18650 is double the size, of a CR123A (Wasn't that the battery it used, or?) so i think it won't fit. :-(
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    Where to buy a good green laser module >200mw?

    Hehe i know those Asian markets, selling green lasers stated up to 500mW here, but no one is even felt on skin, burns plastic og pops baloon. :-) My 200mw green and red are the same model as some of the Lazerer models, so i guess their from same manufacturer.. And they burn very well, so im...
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    Where to buy a good green laser module >200mw?

    Unfortunately, no. I would like to, but here in Denmark i don't come arround many fellow laser interested guys.. And im kinda new, so i don't have one yet. I am going to the united states in the next month, and i plan to bring my lasers with my. Im going to stay for 10 months, as an exchange...
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    Where to buy a good green laser module >200mw?

    There is this site called: Blue, Red, Green Laser Pointer, Powerful Lasers - OXlasers China, its a chineese seller, and a pretty new dealer of green lasers. i ordered 2 lasers, a 532nm and a 650nm, both 200mw and in the 'same' casing. They costed 60 and 45 $, where the 60$ were for the 200mw...
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    The Best Laser For My Price Range?

    What do you wan't to get from your laser? Are you seeking for a highly visible beam, burning ability, or what are you looking for? Otherwise, i own this laser my self, and i love it! : Aliexpress.com : Buy OXLasers OX R40 650nm waterproof TRUE 200mW focusable red laser pointer burning torch...
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    OXLasers 200mW Green Laser Review

    Thanks. What happened was they recieved the package in China the 25th May, they sent it to Denmark the same day, and it arrived in Denmark the 28th. The 29th i got a letter from they, saying that there was no invoience, and i therefore would have to send it by mail to them. I sent that the 2th...
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    OXLasers 200mW Green Laser Review

    So, i decided to order from OXLasers, a new Chinese manufacturer of handheld laserpointers, selling 532nm, 650nm, 450 nm and 405nm lasers. I decided to try them out, and order a 200mw Green laser costing 65$, and a 200mw Red laser costing 45$. The 2 lasers were shipped the next day with EMS...
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    OXLasers 200mW Green Laser Review

    Just delete this thread! I found out there was a section called reviews - SORRY!
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    OXLasers China?

    So i decided to take the chance, and order from there. I have just received my order, and i am SATISFIED. A review of the two lasers i purchased will come up later :-) It was a 200mw green and 200mw red in same host. Ofc 2 different lasers, but in the same looking host!
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    Help me ID this host/laser

    Hehe okay, good luck with that!
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    Help me ID this host/laser

    Hey again, no roblem! Hehe okay, how long time did it take to 'destroy it' ? :P