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    Problem with diode size.

    Hello again, im forced to ask your help again. I bought TO-38 laser diode(3,8mm diameter), but i didnt notice that somehow, i even dont know how i missed so important thing. I have TO-18(5,6mm) holder for diode and lens. My question is can i fit that diode into that holder? I thought can i just...
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    Hello. You have problably experience with all these chinese batteries. I have free space about 124mm(length) and diameter 12mm. I also need about 10 volts. So what would you suggest me? I thought to put 3.7v two batteries in series and then add maybe one 1.5 volt battery in series. Is this ok if...
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    Need some explanations.

    Hi, Ovni sure if i have enough knowledge to answer ;) And thanks again. Pman, unfortunately they wont ship to estonia, but im gonna try to contact them maybe. I cant see their other diodes for sale also. Diachi, sure eyes are the most valuable. But still not gonna buy first one, gonna watch...
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    Need some explanations.

    Thanks to all of you guys. Its been busy last days. First OVNI. Your last explanation was very good, now im getting it at least i think that. I got only one question for you. You said that if i use potentiometer i dont want to anyone set it to 0 ohms. I undertund that gives highest current. But...
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    Need some explanations.

    Thanks OVNI it doesnt help much but im still impressed that green laser used 5v and blue laser uses only about 4 voltage to get about 1 w output. 1 whole voltage is a lot i think. But i didnt get answer to my questions: 1) Was i correct? i mean that 17 ohm calculation. 2) I can see see voltage...
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    Need some explanations.

    Oh sorry no it wasnt language barrier problem, its late and i looked wrong. I get what u mean by current. At first i saw 0,75 mA but also noticed that was maximum and then i looked headings and i read 0,50 mA but it was actually mW. My mistake. And as i can see i made one huge mistake more...
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    Need some explanations.

    Yes, thanks, but its easiest way to just tell me what to do. I want to understund what im doing otherwise its pointless. Let me make an example to check my understunding. Lets take this one for example: 405nm 50mW CW Violet Blue Laser Diode LD SLD3232VF Sony New | eBay Is that correct in this...
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    Need some explanations.

    First, i think i have choosed diode. Thought this one: 1W 1000mW Laser Diode Blue 445nm to 18 5 6mm | eBay Next i really wanna thank you, today woke up with clear head and im gonna understund it better, at least i think that. And also a lot thanks for this link this was really helpful. I didnt...
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    Need some explanations.

    Sorry, but it still makes the questions, please understund that english isnt my native language and because of that its a little bit harder to understund and express myself. Thanks a lot for answering. 1)I understund you. So how do i calculate resistance? I can use ohms law if i know laser...
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    Need some explanations.

    Hello, im pretty new at electronics and got couple of questions. I have read many times different guides how to build laser driver. But theres still something i dont get it. So 1) Why do i need 5 ohm resistor? 2) Why do i need capacitor? (its necessary for giving consant power?) 3) I know i...
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    Just question for inspiration.

    Hello, im back :) Im just wondering why you have decided to start with that unusual hobby? Like someone loves cars, you love lasers... Its also very expensive hoppy i have to say. With car you can drive around and its your every day mate :) but laser is different, you dont need it as much as...
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    Driver, need some help and is someone selling here?

    Hi, made another topic here, hope you dont mind. I have still some questions. Im building 2w 445nm laser. 1) Can i use TTL driver without TTL? I mean when i dont put anything to TTL input, does it work continuously? 2) Anyone here maybe selling driver boards? I thought to buy from ebay, but im...
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    Countries of LPF. Where are you?

    Im from Estonia. It is small country, officially belongs to northern europe, but many say eastern europe, so i prefer the golden mean - north east europe :) Its a small country, about 1,3 million people, part of European Union. Most of people maybe have heard about Baltic states :yh: Estonia is...
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    Hey fellows enthusiasts.

    Hi, i didnt meant to build handheld laser, i know i need a case for that and i cant use fans with it. Sure if i would case it would last some minutes depending on size, before it gets too hot and needs to be cooled down. And of course batterys wouldnt last long, specially with high power laser...
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