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  • The fact that you resort to profanity and name calling shows just how insecure you are in your argument. You know what I said was the truth - none of it was made up and yet you refuse to accept someone else s viewpoint. Go ask your college friends to review the discussions and see what their take on it is.
    I have not falsely accused you at all. Everything I wrote is documented from comments that you have posted on the forum.
    You make assumptions about my knowledge and experience from the time I have spent on the forum - that's an incorrect assumption.
    You are the one that became confrontational and still do - you were the one that used profanity.
    The evidence from your posts to date do not back up your claim that you have "top concerns for safety". That's the only evidence from which I can draw conclusions.
    On top of your constant attempts at kicking up drama in the community, falsely accusing me as well as indicting all the sellers on this forum, you've abused the rep system and revenge rep'd me and few other forum members.

    And how dare you call me ignorant when you're a week-old member who can't even differentiate an LED from a Laser diode. Then you go around mouthing off and falsely accusing me as well as putting words in my mouth. I have top concerns for safety and have done whatever I can to uphold the high standards here at LPF.

    You're a disgrace and you deserve a ban from this forum with all the harassment you've caused me and rules you've broken.
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