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    Please help me sort out an issue with Lazerer.com!

    Hello, ternione. I see you emailed me. I will try to find Max, he has an account on this site. I will try to direct him to this post. have you tried emailing this address. max@lazerer.com? I contacted him from that address. but you might want to look up chinese holidays. they are very different...
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    LAZERER Customer Service

    I am glad to hear that jaredman. I just ordered a 1W laser from lazerer today and there was some confusion in my order. Max worked it out and all I have to say is wow because of how fast his replies to my emails were and how well he handled my problem. I can't wait for my laser to arrive, I...
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    *SOLD OUT* 1.5W+ 3 Mode Mini's W Gold Plated Copper Heatsink Video Added

    Re: SALE 1.5W+ 3 Mode Mini's W Gold Plated Copper Heatsink Video Added I just might buy one of these at the end of next week. I would definitely prefer to buy from the BST here at LPF than some shady chinese business.
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    A word to eager newcomers

    Yes I see what you mean. I am a noob my self...literally, this is the first forum i've read as a real member of this site. well I will be sure to do my homework before I go asking questions, thank you for the heads up.