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    Nature Shots

    Some Cholla cactus at the base of a cliff that is part of the Superstition Mountains. 20180314_095640 by Doug Lastname, on Flickr
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    Howdy from Arizona

    Well it actually does do that and quite well I might add. Pretty impressed. But my goggles don't show up until tomorrow so I'm not playing with it tonight. Thanks to everyone for the welcome and the info. I plan to do a lot of reading here when I find time.
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    Howdy from Arizona

    5mW next to my new one... 20180422_224543 by Doug Lastname, on Flickr
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    Howdy from Arizona

    I would also like to add that when I got into flashlights big time I would take two tripods out to the middle of nowhere, one for flashlights and one for the camera, and take "Beamshots" as they are called in the flashlight world. I can see myself doing the same with lasers.
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    Howdy from Arizona

    Like I said I just bought it today and I just noticed it says Class IVb and <3000mW and 450nM
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    Howdy from Arizona

    I'll give linking a couple pics a try. I know this is a cheaper laser but it does burn holes in stuff so it has some power to it. 20180422_195255(0) by Doug Lastname, on Flickr 20180422_195023 by Doug Lastname, on Flickr
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    Police saw my lasers + laser pr0n

    Cool story and great pictures, thanks for sharing.
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    Howdy from Arizona

    Howdy all. Just joined and look forward to learning a bunch from the members here. I have been interested in lasers since I saw my first pointer back in 1996. Bought one then and it was fun, but not like what is on the market today. One of the main reasons I joined today is I finally bought what...