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    Sorry buddy , I will have your tracking number in 20 minutes buddy !
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    SOLD—Few Items FS. Laser hosts and Hyperion LPM

    Hi - has the war glaive host been ‘gutted’ completely, or does it still have the internal contact for the batteries? Either way - please PM me.
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    Alot of free various laser diodes

    That’s what they make P.O. Boxes for. :D
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    Alot of free various laser diodes

    I guess I’ll take some of em, if they are free. I’ll pm you.
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    pen laser for sale

    Very cool. I might buy the 638...
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    Hong Kong protesters using lasers as weapons?

    Posted without comment... https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5240651
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    wtb 1500-2000mw 445nm or 405 nm

    Hi, I have a 2 watt 445nm 501B which I can sell you for $100. Please PM me.
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    FS: 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver, 1.6W 638nm diode

    It is only the diode.
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    Looking for cheapest 1watt green laser. Here at $249 -- laserpointerstore.com ?

    Dude, don’t buy from that website. Any gatling style laser is trash and will last about five minutes. Just buy from sanwu or jetlasers.
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    FS: 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver, 1.6W 638nm diode

    Hi guys, I’m selling off some stuff... I’ve gotten into plasma art which is a way more expensive hobby than lasers! :p First up is a 5W 470nm Sanwu Silver. Sanwu sells it for $400, I’m asking $275. It’s in very good condition and still outputs a very clean beam. Edit: SOLD Next a 1.6W 638nm...
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    SOLD: Multiline Orange HeNe

    I’ve dropped the price to $765.
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    SOLD: Multiline Orange HeNe

    Bump. This laser is still for sale.
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    RGB Handheld!

    OP - I have one of these Sanwu RGBs. I would equate it to an iPhone. It’s an excellent product, insanely good build quality, but a bit overpriced for what it does. It’s definitely a feat of engineering though. I’ll be making a full review on it soon...
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    Sanwu RGB review

    I just received my Sanwu RGB in the mail today... pretty incredible. The white feels much more ‘real’ than either of the chinese rgb modules I have, and the alignment is much better too. Going to make a review if I have time.
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    SOLD: Multiline Orange HeNe

    Hi everyone, I've got a pretty cool laser up for sale today, a multiline HeNe that I bought about a year ago. I hate to let it go but it mostly just sits around in a box all day and I have no real use for it. It measures 5mW on my LPM, and as you can see it outputs all four orange HeNe...