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    RGB Handheld!

    OP - I have one of these Sanwu RGBs. I would equate it to an iPhone. It’s an excellent product, insanely good build quality, but a bit overpriced for what it does. It’s definitely a feat of engineering though. I’ll be making a full review on it soon...
  2. Sta

    Sanwu RGB review

    I just received my Sanwu RGB in the mail today... pretty incredible. The white feels much more ‘real’ than either of the chinese rgb modules I have, and the alignment is much better too. Going to make a review if I have time.
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    FS: Multiline Orange HeNe

    Hi everyone, I've got a pretty cool laser up for sale today, a multiline HeNe that I bought about a year ago. I hate to let it go but it mostly just sits around in a box all day and I have no real use for it. It measures 5mW on my LPM, and as you can see it outputs all four orange HeNe...
  4. Sta

    465nm closed can 2.6w rated diode

    This is the N465 diode most likely
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    WTB: Any CNI lasers

    Saw your PMs, JNR & T_Warne :) Still interested in CNI lasers by the way, particularly if anybody has a GLP-561 or anything 593.5nm.
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    WTB: Any CNI lasers

    Bump. Still interested.
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    Searching for a 100/200mW 520nm diode

    I’m pretty sure I have an eitan 520nm that hits 250-300mW. No idea which diode that could be.
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    WTB: Any CNI lasers

    Hello folks, I’m willing to purchase any laser that was manufactured by Changchun New Industries. Basically any CNI pointer/handheld that you’d like to let go of. PM me if you’re interested in selling. :)
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    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    This thread is quite old so I’d be surprised if most of the “avoid” sites still exist. I’ll update it sometime when I can get around to it.
  10. Sta

    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    I can edit it later if somebody reminds me.
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    WTB: 490nm(ish) laser

    I have way too many, maybe I should sell one...
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    565nm From LaserLandAustralia

    Just put three 18650s in series for the time being :)
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    565nm From LaserLandAustralia

    It’s a $70 Thunder Optics piece of crap, so it’s not too accurate, but it’s good to within 1nm usually. I calibrated it specifically for this range (using 532 and 589 as reference points.) And 565 is very greenish yellow, it’s surprisingly similar to 561 though.
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    565nm From LaserLandAustralia

    Just spectro'd mine, got 566 and 574. Very cool.
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    565nm From LaserLandAustralia

    I’m going to spectro my 565 and 575 tonight, someone remind me to post the results