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New Jersey, USA


403nm BTB LP405-5
405nm "5mW" eBay pen, 50mW 'bottle' pointer, 450mW pen
445nm 7W NUBM44 lightsaber build
450nm 2W SF501B, 10mW pointer, 50mW lmlaser
453nm 100mW LaserBTB HL
455nm 1.6W Arcane
457.9nm Argon
470nm 07E S4X build
473nm 100mW PL-E Pro, Aquarius-2
476.5nm Argon
478nm Stainless Steel build
488nm Argon
495nm Lifetime17 copper build
496.5nm Argon
501.7nm Argon
513nm 50mW Thor
514.5nm Argon
515nm 200mW 501B
522nm 1.4W S4X build
532nm 500mW XPL, gearbest, 9-line 301, 35mW pen, Anser-5
543.5nm Gammex HeNe
561nm 50mW PGL-III-C
583.8nm Spartan primary cold line
589nm 120mW PGL-III-C, DL Spartan (7+ lines) 177mW pk!
593.5nm Rigel-6, badboybilly 593.5nm 25mW
594.1nm LHOR-0150M HeNe
604nm HeNe
609nm HeNe
612nm HeNe
632.8nm 10mW JDSU HeNe, 10mW Lasos HeNe
635nm 90mW DL Spartan, LG Libra
638nm 600mW XPL-310
655nm BTB LP650-5
660nm 200mW (3x), "5mW" eBay pen
690nm 15mW module

YouTube - Starmute VII! :D


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