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    What tripod do you use?

    First things first, very creative and super cool! I am going to look into something along these lines and will give appropriate and adequate recognition to yourself! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Almost 2W Blue 445nm Laser

    This looks like it should drop down from a B2 Spirit and take trajectory torwards a sadly doomed target. Amazing!!
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    GITD MS-V4 with Assult knob

    Looks so bad ***!! Rep +
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    In Stock : 3-3.5Watt 445nm Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser.

    Re: Black Friday Sale ! 3-3.5Watt Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser. Gawd, these look bloody rad. 900g, haha!
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    laserglow aries 150mw

    You can take your risk giving it a go if you're willing to sacrifice it incase it goes awry. Or take up these guys on shipping it to proper hands. I must say I'm going to order a couple 3 pack cheapos to tinker with. I'll dig into the experiment threads and see why happens! Haha, wearing...
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    1.1W 635nm Build in a Fenix TK35 Host using the "ML501P73" diode

    Gosh, one day I will create something like this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day. Looks great man!!
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    What should I get for my first laser?

    Glad you found one. I just ordered a 2.1W 445 from SciFi and it's my first powerful and potentially dangerous laser. But one of the first post I read when I joined the site said if you will treat these just like a firearm, you should have no problems. I ordered goggles right after my laser...
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    Big thanks to the people making this hobby worth while!

    I'm just stoked there is a place to come now that I've been captivated at handheld lightening bolts!! I have only experienced great things here and I'm here to stay. I don't know too much yet, but that's why the site is here and the infamous search function. I'm waiting on my 445nm from Joker...
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    Price Drop Again! 1.7/2.2W 445nm in Saik 305 Host - $130/160

    Re: Price Drop! 1.7/2.2W 445nm in Saik 305 Host - $150/180 Do you still have this?
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    The "Event Horizon" very pic heavy

    Craftsmanship! Very nice, very nice.
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    GITD MS-V4 with Assult knob

    Is that something you'll have to do again in the future due to normal use and wear?
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    Jetlasers PL-E PRO Beam expander gallery + update

    Re: Jetlasers Pl-E PRO Beam expander gallery Looks awesome man!! Sick pics!!
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    Would you trust the price of these blue lasers?

    I'm new to the hobby and site as well, but I do know that the people commenting on your post are veteran members and seasoned laser enthusiasts so even if I just hear one of them to tell me to look elsewhere that's what I'm going to do. I actually just placed an order for one of Jokers 2.1W...
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    BluBlockers vs Red Safety Glasses (Pics Included)

    This was a very helpful thread!!