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  • It was not undeserved rep. YOU ARE STUPID. and telling me to buy a gun and kill myself? lol enjoy your ban
    It's not an 'undeserved' neg rep. You say something ridiculously stupid, you get neg rep. Sorry, but that's how the system works.

    Be glad it wasn't a veteran with a lot more rep power than I have.
    Yeah I just got your 2 PMs and your visitor message that you left me all in the last 30 minutes. Sorry I was eating dinner. You can stop freaking out now. I didn't get a good rep by ripping people off. The laser obviously isn't performing the same as when I tested it. This is the second one from this batch that I have heard this from. Return the laser to me and I will refund you. Or keep the laser and accept a half refund your choice. Please respond back VIA PM. Thanks.
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