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  • Hey Skeez,
    If you don't need the gypsum, I would be interested. I see in your signature you do not have a 405nm. I have a 405nm pen I have no use for since for since I have 3 other 405nms. It LPM's at about 60 to 65 mw. I can send you the LPM graph if need be. I am always looking for neat stuff to photograph with lasers and the gypsum looks really cool. Let me know if this is acceptable, if not let me know what you would want.

    lol just so you know-- its all funny as at another laser forum Sam is a member and uses IIRC LaserSam as his username- and his only post is 'Yes, THAT Sam' so you make get some PMs that were met for Dr Sam and you may have to reply 'No , not THAT Sam' and yes it takes admin to make a username change but it can be done- We have a Thread about how to choose a good username and one point is to NOT use one that will confuse the other members also( and dont take this ppersoanlly)we suggest that nw members REFRAIN for the use of the word Laser as more names have that word than any other and thus hardly original --I think there are a dozen pages of members whose names that start with 'Laser'-
    Haha no im sorry i didn't know about laser sams faq my real name is sam. but yeah... id change my name but that would require effort and time.
    you do know of course that to many there is ONLY one Laser Sam=

    never heard of him??
    we have a saying here/ 'if you don't know Sam then you dont know Jack about Lasers'

    google 'Sam's Laser' to find out who he is..
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