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    PHR-803t IR and Red laser

    Ace, thanks for your input. I just want to point out this thread where it seems that he used the Blu-ray/red diode from a ps3 and used one rkcstr driver and collimate the beams and came out with a magenta beam. "LPF"/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1226827066 The point of this thread was to see if I can run...
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    PHR-803t IR and Red laser

    I understand the dynamics of the red over the violet. It's just airsoft, its for fun, not to mention a bb doesn't travel in a straight line anyways. The violet is for fun and cool factor.
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    PHR-803t IR and Red laser

    I know the Violet can take more than 48ma but I was trying to be safe with it.  The violets application is for on my teams airsoft rifles as a targeting laser and I would rather not hurt the other players, not to mention it was my first laser. As for the red/IR I would like to be able to know...
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    PHR-803t IR and Red laser

    I'm fairly new to this community, I am working on a project that will hopefully result in my third laser. My first two include a "violet" phr803t in a DX flashlight with a rkcstr 48ma driver. The other is a single red phr-803t in a smaller DX flashlight with the same 48ma rkcstr driver. I want...
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    PHR-803T red/IR diode pinout and currents

    Thanks that was really helpful. I think it's about time I post my own thread and keep some notes and get feedback on my own. Hope that you all will follow and help me out.
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    PHR-803T red/IR diode pinout and currents

    I've got an idea in mind that I would like to have both on, not really needed but I would like to see where the IR is pointing at least for testing purposes. A grad student at my university is working with some IR technology and I am trying to contribute some laser IR technology to his efforts...
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    ir diode

    I have a couple of the IR/Red phr-803t diodes. I threw together a flashlight build with the red hooked up to a 38mA rkcstr driver and its pretty bright, no burning, range is decent on it. :-? My next step is to hook up the IR side. Now for the unusual twist, I want to run the IR and Red at the...
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    PHR-803T red/IR diode pinout and currents

    Has anyone tried running the red and the IR at the same time? Can it be done or let alone handle it? It would be nice to know exactly where the IR is shining. If someone has tried it can you tell me the setup you used and the results?
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    Lasers, Airsoft, Computer smarts

    Hello everyone, I am part of this airsoft team and I got the genius Idea to build our own lasers. I ordered the rkcstr drivers and am getting to work on that. I'm a computer science major and I love hardware more so than software, I can tear anything apart and put it back together in better...
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    Micro-Drive laser driver by rkcstr

    Re: Micro-Driver laser driver *NOW ADJUSTABLE* Thanks a million Ryan.  I just got mine today, now I'm just waiting on the 803t sleds.  This may be retarded to ask but with your 38ma driver for the blu-ray what mw should I be expecting.  Someone educate me please, I'm not scared of formulas.