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    Best safe green laser

    Hello everyone, im looking into getting back into laser again since i finally understand what they are capable of and im wondering what the best safe green laser is. I know that violet and blue are a lot safer becasue of the IR produced from 532nm lasers but its hard to find a good 5mw...
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    Review - Lasersman FireDragon III 300mW

    i have a question does the battery go positive side facing tail cap or what?
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    Lasersman is an AMAZING company

    I just wanted to say that lasersman is an amazing company so far they have responded to all my e-mails with in a day and they are very polite and happy to work with you no mater what the situation. I recently convinced my cousin to buy a FireDragon-III 300mw from them and it peaked at 678mw!!! i...
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    WTB - a strong laserpointer < 1.2W

    it is so easy to put the survival laser together they give you very detailed instructions i think that is your best bet. something like this would be wonderful for your application...
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    i asked summer and she said that since the 250mw one is already on discount i cannot get another discount maybe Kath will be different.
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    how did you get that coupon code?
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    so you are telling me this Firedragon-III 532nm 200mW Flashlight Style Elite Green Laser Pointer Kit (Certified Power Guaranteed) is better than this Firedragon-III 250mw 532nm Flashlight Style Handheld Green Laser Pointer Kit (Certified Power Guaranteed) becasue the 200mw one says elite on it
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    so im still confused which one is better the 200mw version since it says elite or the 250mw one
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    my bad i was a school so the picture was blocked and satill nobody know why that pricing is that way
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    umm there is nothing in your post?
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    LasersMan Odd Pricing

    Ok so i had a question about the firedragon III from lasersman the 200mw version is $163.29 but the 250mw version is $157.89 could someone please help me here understand this and here are the links. 250mw: Firedragon-III 250mw 532nm Flashlight Style Handheld Green Laser Pointer Kit (Certified...
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    what laser did you get?
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    is Laser Pointers: Green Laser Pointer & Laser Pointer Pen Sale, 10% OFF a good company to buy from?