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    Sparkles in the Green Laser Beam ?

    I recently bought a Destructive Gear 75mW Serious green laser. I notice in the laser beam some small sparlkles throughout the beam if you look at it from an angle. Is this normal or a sign of some type of problem? Id so how can it be fixed? Thanks
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    Thanks for the battery info. I will buy some CR123's today and try it out tonight, says it has a 40 mile range
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    Re: destructivegear  THUMBS DOWN As many predicted, teh laser arrived today. It was mailed via some EMS carrier form Taiwan and not USPS. So for delivery they are OK wth me Now It came without a battery, Maybe thats the way it is and thats fine. But it also came with NO instrctions...
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    Green laser eye injuries ?

    I have read the posts warning about green laser eye injuries and the suggestions to buy laser eye glasses. Yet in many discos they have green lasers shot all over the dance floor and there are mirrors, glass eyc all over the place, Isn't that the same risk ?
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    Re: destructivegear  THUMBS DOWN True, But don't you think that after 2 emails and 6 days time, their customer service could have responded by now ?
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    I ordered a laser from this company. They sent me an email with a USPS.com tracking number. I have checked the number on the USPS website for the last 3 days,  and they say its incorrect I just checked again and this is what I get  Label/Receipt Number: EE44 9460 595T W There is no record of...
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    hercules 300

    And you paid how much ??
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    Green Laser 240 Mw

    I read the atlas nova and they say you should turn it on for 1 minute and off for 1 minute also. Anyone know of a green laser pointer that you can leave on for 8 to 10 minutes with no problems ?
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    Executive Series 55mw from WickedLasers

    Whats "sharpied"?
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    Need Help! Suggestions please

    I did a google for dealextream and came up with nothing that sells anything or a link to a laser company, can you post their link? thanks
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    They have some green lasers posted on ebay, here are the specs, Anyone bought one from them? Are they as good as they claim? 532nm @>50millwatts constant wave. POINTING AT AIRCRAFT OF ANY KIND IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL; DO NOT SHINE AT ANY AIRCRAFT. SMALL AREAS OF THE RETNA IN THE HUMAN EYE WILL BE...