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  • PF is the other forum--we cannot use thier name here s it is censored-you are a member there.. I am still unable to read my PMs here.. '403 Forbidden' pops up-why IDK.
    We both need to try hard to each get another to ride with us to SELEM, nI may be able to borrow a better car for us and that way your wifey will not need a rental.. we maynot have the ability to pull my 4X8 utility trailer so the alowable amt of gear will drop. I just paid for two speaker trip[ods to put two rekes up high. SELEM is incredible.. and even better this year with a second place for more projectors. Did you learn more about Sam??

    We can learn a lot about doing the show set up if we can be there early.. say Thursday noonish or so. its about 17 hrs solo and we may be able to cut that down with more dirvers and road food already in the car.. BUT no speeding in NC--lol

    I've got my alloted one coming at this time. Perhaps in the future...
    What promo code? I thought rekehs expired?
    Sooooo...how long from order or completed message did it take to receive reke from lasersman?
    check ROG_ I found a working promo code-- NOW down to 209.79 + ship-- want to order two --one for each of us??? maybe they will give a break on shipping two.

    MUST.... RESIST./.. BTW I did get parts of the disc to open and heard a bunch of the music..AND I fnally was able to import audio to go with RUSH- 'Tom Sawyer' but somehow I have two show running at same time-- must start again. also forgeting to save workspace is Z BIG moistake- had to re-dwld 20_ show that went away on me .. I think I have about 30 in my QS shows so far-- the music adding has me stumped.
    go to my profile
    look right and down to social groups
    I starta invite only for REKE owners to help find good deal and share ideas- please join.

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