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  • Hey rich, Do you do Ebay?
    click on advanced search, put '18340 rechargeable battery' in and scroll down to find sellers only in your area- you need to put like within 300miles etc--lots of pretty good looking deals like charger and four batts shipped free (around 15$)but from China it could take weeks. Sorry I did not follow thru with my idea to drive the hour to Lighthound in Houston , they are pricey but good kind and I could have put them in everybodies box, but gas prices and time limitations ruined that. You should be able to buy some kind of non- rechargeables CR123 not cheap and one -time usage .. but at least you get to try your PL-C out- I may make that trip Friday and see what I can do but try the ebay route and local walmart/camersa shops etc.
    back at you friday..........len
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