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    Feeler: GB/DIY RED's and Blu-ray's (CLOSED)

    Hello !! I've just received the diode and it works perfectly :D I'll have to wait night time to play with my glowing toys :) Nice work !! Ray.
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    Spiro thought...

    BTW regular mirrors are not really suitable for this, since part of the ray is diffracted by the glass itself. Regular mirrors gives you 2 rays, one with ~90% and another one that is parallel to the first, 10% of the power (or 80% / 20%, depending on the mirror quality). The space between 2...
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    Feeler: GB/DIY RED's and Blu-ray's (CLOSED)

    Re: Feeler: GB/DIY RED's and Blu-ray's (OFFICIAL) Good news for the payment :) I'll certainly be the first 8-) Ray.
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    GB laser barrels

    Good news at least :) I hope I will have an assembled driver, for I have no skill at all at soldering. I suppose most of your barrels will be used with BR and phazor diodes. It would be a nice idea to make a tutorial with pics, I don't want to burn my phazor when assembling it ! Thanks for all...
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    My wife hates my lasers. My children love them. My cat loves the red one, but not the green one. My father loves them and sometimes use my <5mw red to bother pigeons (I told him not to, but he is old enough) My mum hates me because I let my father play with "such a usefull thing" ;D
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    changing laser color

    Something like 405 nm lasers and fluorescence ? I'd be glad to see a pic of this !
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    Batteries : rechargeable or not ?

    Thanks for the answers. I tested with 2 AAA batteries and 2 rechargeable ones, and got a better spot with non rechargeables. I know about the "true" power of those pointers. I just wanted a clear beam at night and it's enough. BTW, my daughters wouldn't appreciate to see their balloons popping...
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    Batteries : rechargeable or not ?

    It's about batteries. I've bought a cheap green laser pointer from eBay, it is said to be 240mw (but I know it's not). It needs 2 AAA batteries, and I have some rechargeable ones. Since rechargeables are 550 mAh, do you think can I use them instead of regular AAAs ? Regards, Ray.
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    Feb. 10, 2008 PHAZORS!!!

    Perfect. So, one for me ! Payment has been done already 8-) Ray.
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    Feb. 10, 2008 PHAZORS!!!

    Well.. Do you think this diode can be used with the barrel from Kenom's GB ? I mean, with the driver provided with the barrel ? Ray.
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    *** BluRays for $25... ***

    I hope so, but I will wait for news from Kenom before investing one more buck ::)
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    *** BluRays for $25... ***

    Hi Daedal. I would be very glad to buy a one but I'm a bit messed with the upgrade options :-? I want to mount this diode into the barrel from Kenom's GB so which one would you suggest ? Thx ! Ray.
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    Re: GB - $4 FusionDrives --EDIT-- Nothing for me, sorry, I haven't noticed before that Kenom's barrel is shipped with its driver [smiley=rolleyes.gif] Ray.
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    DIY "cheap" blue 20mw ?

    I agree, but unfortunately it would be hard to make a pointer of it :'(
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    DIY "cheap" blue 20mw ?

    This is an example of beam combination. Sorry I can't post links yet, just cut and paste : home.nordnet.fr/lhenninot/laser/insidelaser005-mini.jpg Cube beam splitters are not that expensive, I'll try when my bluray LD is OK :) Ray.