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  • Friends have Pink Flloyd tribute band--awesome laser show
    I hope to be with them--email me(as hakzaw1) gmail..
    28 th gig in Corpus...len
    I cant seem to send you a PM-- ?? only VMs-- ??

    could that be due to your 'low' post count??
    I see you are still around-- how are you doing long time no PMing-

    still zero post count--lol
    no body can call you a post whore thats for sure!!

    JETLASERS gave me an old store they were not using--check me out now and again later as I have big plans for a LOT more stuff there-

    You should jump on one of those titanium 532/150s- I can get you a discount & free batt too
    HiYa pete

    you up for a road trip? Come to San Antonio and join us for TEXLEM(Google it!)
    Free lodging- a great venue to watch 6 full color projectors with greta music. I am the Chef so you know the food will be super... clif wants but cant get away
    Yes I do-- they are out of stock for now But I will add your name to mine. Great price too only 99$-- will send you a link in a few--len
    lenses going out Friday--check them out ---99% have been fine but if there is anything you dont like I(aixiz) can replace free. nice talking to you-- seemed like an old friend hope we can do lazers together in person soon--Len
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