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My main EDC stuff: Sig Sauer P226R Enhanced Elite, JETBeam RRT-21, Leatherman Charge TTi, 450nm 10mW Stainless Steel 10440

My lasers so far...
405nm <5mW black pen style with diffraction lens from laserpointerpro
405nm <5mW white pointer from laserpointerpro

450nm 10mW single mode diode in Jayrob's Stainless Steel 10440 kit assembled by Lazeerer
532nm <5mW pen style - old ebay from around 2005
532nm <5mW small silver keychain
532nm 50mW O-like Power Rock in the imitated Sunwayman V20A host

650nm <5mW silver pointer from laserpointerpro
650nm 30mW flashlight style 18650 host from laserpointerpro

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