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    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    I would like to start a custom build with this beast... What do you think about (3x26650 in series)x2 in parallel (total 6 batts) ? Does this make sense for longer running times without having to swap the batts more often ? Do I have to dissipate heat on the driver (sxd @4.5amps) ? How do I...
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    Using a photo lens for collimating the beam

    I was tired of my G2 lens which have a too wide beam at few meters away and decided to use my photo lens in front of the raw beam. Divergence is far better and I have a 3mm beam at 4-5meters instead of a 30mm when properly focused. I can burn easily any material including white very reflective...
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    3.5W NDB7A75 445nm Laser Diode

    What kind of driver would be able to deliver the required 4+amps for powering this diode at 5W ? Need to use 2 x-drive ? I will use wall adapters and not batteries though .
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    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    Yes it's just focused At a certain distance . I need to adjust the focus each time I move far away by moving the lens toward the raw Beam. I tried at 10m and it still burns but the dot is a little bit bigger (2x2mm). Then I tried outside from my roof , I focused it the more far away I could...
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    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    I tried to remove the stock lens and instead put a photographic lens directly in front of the raw beam... It burns like hell @5m and produces a very tiny spot (0.5x0.5mm) ... Is that how a beam expander works ?
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    FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod - 31% Increase vs AixiZ!

    Hi I have a great 445nm blue laser fully working @4W (thanks to TheJocker301 with the TerminatoR) but it really diverges too much and at even 15feet the fast axis is getting almost 15cm wide... What lens setup would be the best to correct this and still be able to get burning at 30feet ? (Which...
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    4.4W 445nm dual diode laser

    Wow this is what I'm looking for :)