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    My videos!

    Ive made this laser 2 weeks ago. Its really nice ;) 300mW rocks http://youtube.com/profile?user=MadLasers Link fixed for you ;) Timelord, ps you can post links if you have more than 10 posts ;)
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    Viper 125mW vs DX 200mW

    Which one Viper 125mW or DX 200mW will make more GREEN (ex: DX+ir filter or Viper) power?
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    I bought 50mW 150mW and 200mW DX Lasers

    Hello. I bought 2 lasers on dealextreme com. 50mW 150mW and 200mW. But the didnt arrived yet. The status is: "Ready for shipment shortly via" about 5 days time. Have i got a chance to get them or money back?
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    it is shining but not so bright as before breaking... :'( what happened?
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    it looks like fusion not like viper. Which are better Old (cni) or new wicked?
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    my friend bought on wicked and i bought from him. But it was working excellent 2 months!! :'(
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    two months
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    cni style. but i have it one month
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    nexus 95. i dropped it some time ago but nothing happened and now its brith as 5mw :'(
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    My laser is broken, HELP!

    I dont know what happened. It was amazing and bright all the time :'( but suddenly after two months it startet shining worse than 5mw :'( (its 100mW) What happened? How to fix it? :'(
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    IR filter

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    Hello. What is that? Is it worth buying? http://cgi.ebay.com/HIGH-POWER-GREEN-LASER-POINTER-150MW-532NM_W0QQitemZ190120504315QQihZ009QQcategoryZ14954QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Edit by Moderator, fixed your link! ;)
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    IR filter

    Hello. Which laser will be more powerfull? This one 200mW: h t t p : / / cgi.ebay.pl/Genuine-Astronomy-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen-200mw-532nm-S_W0QQitemZ330132619023QQihZ014QQcategoryZ14954QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem or Viper 125mW? Which one will be brighter and which one will burn faster?
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    X-Series / Evo

    What a bullshit. Novices are asking ppl who own lasers (or other stuff) couse they want to compare their opinions and then choose "probably" best one. Im am an example. If i didnt ask some ppl for their advice i had a chance of being an owner of EBAYser. But Ive checked some forums, asked ppl...