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  • Dont think aixiz has a walkin store in Houstin-just a place to ship from- the store in pasedena is on Spenser highway and besides the led lights they have 1400 laser items in stock.
    Chuck is some kind of Dr. and AixiZ has like a zillion sales on ebay- sells 10,000 blank modules every two months alone. and been doing that for some time so - id say he is quite successful-he drives a vintage Corvette. I convinced him that it would be a good idea to let a LPF/ PL member test out his Sper laser meter and do a review-when he asked who I stepped up and got the free sample just last week. I am getting a Kenolite meter(150$ xmas special)next week for a comparison test. lucky me. He has some good deals ongreen labbies right now- I have two of his 50mW that put out over 80 mWs and no duty cyle. He has a +rep for support after the sale and replacing any items with problems. I would love to work for him-think of al the lasers you would wind up with!!!
    LakeJ is straight south down 288 1 hour-'77379? That's my area code' you mean zip code right? I think scopeguy(glenn) sells 7$ goggles good for BR(i think) . if I get to the aixiz store I will take photos and post a review-maybe Chuck will give me a discount-- he he--They also sell tricked out LED lights for motorcycles/cars-will have to get me some for my K100 BMW- in shop now-back on the road by Jan 1
    What I would give to be 15 again- my avatar shows me in photo in Hou Chron article when I was in college at Woodstock. There is a larger photo in 'My albums' Did you know that AixiZ is in Houston? with a store in Pasadena too. I Plan to check it out soon. We must pay sales tax to aixiz but they allow local pickup so no shipping cost.-behave yo'self and dont put your eye out LOL--Len
    Hello from Lake Jackson-adding you to my contacts-we should have a meet in Houston. Do you know of any other LPFers in our area?--mucho gusto-Len
    My laser burned at the focal point very easily... within 2 seconds it would light a match... But i shorted the circuit, i think i put both wires on the + end of a 9v accidently and the light is super dim now... I bought a small driver that can run at up to 180ma, i'm going to get this diode (SF-AW210 6x blu-ray violet burning laser diode [SFAW210] - $28.99 : Modwerx Shop) and run it at 180ma which will be around 180mW, but i'm also going to get their glass lense for an Aixiz module and that could get the laser to put out about 200mW. I'm not going to use the back end of the Aixiz module, because my driver doesn't fit inside and it has the power button built onto it... I still needs the specs on the driver so i can figure out what kind of power source i can use, i'm hoping i can use 9v batteries, because i have snap connectors for that and it could fit easily into the back of an empty flashlight.
    i used the diagram from this website, one of the guys on the forum pointed me in this direction... It can be done - Laser driver

    i thought i'd give it a try because i was extremely bored at the time... there is no way this driver would fit into a sleek host, so i'm planning on just buying a driver preset for a specific current next time i start a DIY project...
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