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    Sanwu shipments delayed due to politics.

    Hmm, the article I had read was either old or propaganda then, shrug. Double posting is a no no huh, yea not apologizing seriously don't care. Spam posting I could understand but two posts following eachother with a number of hours inbetween naw. I can also understand not resurrecting old...
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    Sanwu shipments delayed due to politics.

    Irrelevant Post: Encap and Steve, you two really get around the forums I notice. I wanted to mention something about lasers for self defense without NecroPosting. It is relevant to the current members of this conversation as all three of you were present in some capacity. The federal ruling on...
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    Sanwu shipments delayed due to politics.

    Here is what I can tell you having owned a 7watt 445nm striker multimode. The 7 watt is prone to failure as it is not fully proven or refined as of yet. The multimode is in the diode module not the switch, it is a charge sense funtion the requires learning what a half press of a button feels...