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    Favourite Zippo lighters?

    So... Tonight I successfully lit my pipe with my laser. I was in heaven. It was also amazing to have the cleanest lighting source- I can taste butane, but not light! :D
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    Neodymium magnets

    However, you must consider the sheer number of users who browse and post on these forums every day. The percentage might be less than one would expect.
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    Neodymium magnets

    OWIE! Reading the first page of this topic made me cringe at the thought! :eek:
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    Post your most memerable video games

    Most memorable when I was younger was Super Mario 64, and C-Dogs (and old DOS game, picture included). If I behaved well, I would get to play C-Dogs with my dad at night- it was a rare treat. My current favorite / most memorable would have to be Portal 1 and 2.
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    Favourite Zippo lighters?

    I smoke a pipe, and don't like the taste of zippo. I use one similar to this, but with a brushed finish: (That is a tamper/scraper tool in the bottom)
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    Photography thread!

    You all have some great pieces on here, but I have to give some special mention. BuildAbluraylaser: The coloration on that raven is amazing. And as a side note: I'm trying to find someone with a hatchling for a pet. :) Eudaimonium: Those raining shots with the barn/shed are great; I especially...
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    Favorite Beer?

    LOL InfinitusEquitas, I'm totally in agreement with your favorite "drink," because that's exactly what i'm looking at in that picture... :drool:
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    How did you all stumble upon lasers?

    Since I was a wee little one, I was always fascinated with little 5mw pointer keychains you find everywhere. I wanted something stronger, so after a little research- coming across this site too- I bought a 50mw green which died 2 years ago. A recent YouTube session made me reminisce on my old...
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    Favorite Beer?

    Chocolate beer... That is intriguing. I have to try some. :thinking:
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    Favorite Beer?

    ...or mixed beverage? My personal favorite is a local beer, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout. But if I had to choose a more mainstream, it would probably be Guinness. Mmmmm, making me thirsty! :friend::drunk:
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    Long time lurker finally joining

    InfinitusEquitas: I will mainly be using the goggles to allow me to look at the dot, and of course as protection. Goggles are not here yet. But once I get them, I will see how uncomfortable the beam actually is before deciding on an IR filter. Anselm: That's some very helpful info, but getting...
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    Long time lurker finally joining

    lasersbee: Goggles are already on the way, and should be here before my laser is. :D Anselm: That is indeed what I mean. A year 2000 black one with new 17" gunmetal wheels (and hopefully about to be 2.5" lower) that is the manliest beetle you will ever see. :p I kind of threw it in there in the...
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    I bet your SAik doesn't Look Like THis.;) #2

    That looks amazing. I can't imagine the fingerprints that thing must collect! :P
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    My Rainbow -- Post Pic's of Yours

    There are some amazing works of art on here! Soon enough I will have my own rainbow to share.
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    Long time lurker finally joining

    Thanks for the advice, I have always exercised caution when buying online. Also, I split up my wall-o-text for easier reading. :)