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  • Hi haksaw thanks for that info man yea I'll go to welcome section and leave a post.. And yes jetlasers.org I'll msg you when I decided wat laser I'm after they seem very gud value lasers I have made a amateur mistake and bought a WL Arctic then I joined here and read some bad things my bad lol
    go make a nice introduction or yourself in the WELCOME section-
    many will post and welcome yoiu-0 some have suggested links to go read etc.
    you will hear from others in the UK.
    I do not know Jet Laser
    Do you mean JETLASERS(.org)
    you can shop there- pick one or mome choices= PM those to me & I will get you a forum member quote--- Our JL Company Rep is mr Gray- He gave me some discount codes- Once you decide I will link you to an invoice-
    you pay Jetlasers- in whatever way you work that out with Gray (Bank transfers are 'the kindest' way to pay JL)and he wil ship direct to you--lots of threads- reviews etc on many lasers from Gray--

    Hundrerds of pics can be found at the forums.

    you need to go ahead and buy eyeware from a UK ebay seller- once you are sure of the wavelengths you want--- there are some for all lasers but thay are expensive-more advice will come when you PM me with your choices

    Also get your batteries from Ebay UK- JL can no longer ship ANY abtts
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