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  • I sended you a pm for asking you something about 18350 batteries.Take a look in your inbox.Thank you.
    In regards to IL:

    Very nicely done.. To say the least.

    -you are halfway across the country from me
    -they were custom printed for me
    -three, high quality decals came out to <$6


    I got them in less than a week. Absolutely outstanding. :gj:

    Hello. An FYI regarding your website at: Innovative Lasers - Home

    The "Apparel" button within the navigation bar of the webpages is misspelled. The current (and incorrect) spelling is "Apperal" I just double checked, and noticed even the page the button links to shows the misspelled name: apperal.php


    hi there would i be able to order some laser warning stickers from you please i live in the uk would that be a problem thanks
    Howdy Nick and welcome to the forum :wave:

    I have ordered more hosts and they are on the way here now ;)
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