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    A few newbie questions.

    So basically no less than a pretty big resistor(inefficient) combined with a few caps to smith ripple would be needed. Was just an idea... That said-im completely ignorant on the topic of lasers and haven't had time to read much...any links on the forum which show component size/requirements...
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    A few newbie questions.

    Some input would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if something like this(see link below) Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Jaybo Designs Triple 18650 Mod Would Be a good starting point for a powerful hand-held? Using the unit to drive the diodes directly? The VR is stout, with one limitation-.2...
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    Just saying hello to everyone, I've never done a laser at all, but extremely interested. Spent some years as a machinist and mechanic, currently beat nails to get by. I'm really wanting to do a diy soon may have a few good ideas, hope you guys can help develop me!