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    Fs: Custom 2x14500 pen host. Aixiz module. NEW 2/18/14

    If this item is still available, please PM payment instructions.
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    One-off Custom POWERLIGHT B-50

    Payment has been sent for both units. Thank you.
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    NFS:WL Arctic Spyder III Laser

    Re: FS: WL Arctic Spyder III Laser I am very interested in this unit. PM me your asking $ w/shipping to Alabama & your paypal info.
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    Silicone Wire GB #2

    I would like to go ahead and pay for 100 ft. Can I get your PP address?
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    Community Focus Knob - Group Buy - 2 packs left

    Re: Community Focus Knob - Group Buy - COLLECTING PAYMENTS! I'll take 10. Just give me payment instructions.
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    SOLD OUT - Smallest / Most Powerfull 445nm Pens

    Re: FOR SALE - Smallest / Most Powerfull 445nm Pens I would like to order 1. What is your PayPal email address?
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    Re: 445 XJ-A140 Diodes *Tested* $46 Shipped US $42 Each When You Buy 3 Or More payment sent for 3
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    WTB 6 FLexdrive v5s

    Ordered 2 from his site apx 10 days ago & received them Tuesday. No Problem.
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    Cree Aurora full copper heatsinks for sale. Direct press, no aixiz module.

    I'll take 2 if they are available netmon22@gmail.com
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    FS 18650 / 22600 Host- PERFECT for Beginners

    Re: FS 18650 / 22600 Powered GITD Kit Payment sent for both units (I didn't even ask if they were both still available)? Received the (2) 14500 kits today and I'm happy with your work.
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    FS: Jibs Linear Drivers

    Re: FS: LM1117 Based Linear Driver - 1.3A Fixed I would like those 2. Can I go ahead and pay now?
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    Quick sale, freakish prices!

    Just sent money for 3 kits + some more.
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    SOLD: Kenometer USB Laser Power Meter - $197.50 shipped

    Re: FS: Kenometer USB Laser Power Meter - $197.50 shipped If it isn't already sold, i'll take it. I have plenty of money in PayPal acct, just need your PayPal account email address. I will be back to my computer in 3-4 hours. Thank you Chris
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    FS: Blue Hotlights Kit - $12.50

    Re: FS:Guidesman 18650 Host+Heatsink $20 Do you have a gray still available?
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    FS: Mini Green Kit! SCHWEET!

    "netmon22, I am shipping your Mini Green kit (DX style) today. (Saturday)" I received the package today. (Monday) Again I am impressed with the quality of your kits. It took less than 5 minutes to assemble the kit w/ the deal extreme 200mw. I will be getting back to you within a couple weeks...