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    How much would you say my 95mW is worth?

    [THIS IS NOT A SALE THREAD, I SIMPLY WANT AN ESTIMATE] Hey guys, I don't think anyone here remembers me, or maybe I was hanging out here way before ya'll; I need some help! I've really moved on from collecting lasers a long time ago. I had sold all my lasers, except for two, about a year ago...
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    NES-SHADES! 3-5 OD! $29 shipped to the US!

    *$$ Request sent* BTW, last week I added a new button on the neshades site to pay $35, as well as the $29. And I sold another today, so only one left. As soon as it sells, I will order six more from my supplier.
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    Crazy ass WL sendup

    OMG, ROFL, that's awesome, I love the BX name! ;D
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    NES-SHADES! 3-5 OD! $29 shipped to the US!

    I sent you one???? :-? I thought you just changed your mind, and decided not to buy. I'll go resend it now.
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    You gotta see this, it's a clip from MAD tv:
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    NES-SHADES! 3-5 OD! $29 shipped to the US!

    Just wanted to let you guys know, I still have two available.
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    LOL, my TEC's were just in a bubble envelope, but then again, I didn't get 30 or so. :o
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    NES-SHADES! 3-5 OD! $29 shipped to the US!

    Ok, I'll get on it soon. ;) In the mean time, PM me your email and I will send you an invoice requesting the $35. That way you'll have the option to pay with a credit card.
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    I'm back....

    hmm, what looks better? Some old 8 bit games running at 480i, or Halo 3 running 720p? Can the wii be plugged into a computer monitor like the 360? I think not! But then again, if the 360 wouldn't play on a VGA monitor, I would not have a 360, since I don't have a HD tv in my room. But...no one...
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    NES-SHADES! 3-5 OD! $29 shipped to the US!

    Sold a pair to Rasel :)
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    Any online Halo 3 players out their?

    I just go my 360 and halo 3 a couple of days ago, and today I used my laptop as a wireless ethernet adapter :) It's awesome, I now have my laptop configured so that I just plug it in the 360, and bam, I've go access. I have been playing on Xbox live all day, it's just awesome, so, it got me...
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    I'm back....

    Yeah, I got one on launch, it was great when they had good games, but now their's nothing good. But don't worry, in a couple of months super smash bro. and mario galaxy will release. For me, I need to either find a way to wire an eithernet to my 360, or buy a wireless adapter, and a gold...
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    I'm back....

    Hey all, did I miss anything? The other day I was on my computer and it seems something got sucked into the heatsink fan. I had to demolish the whole notebook just to get down to the fan...Man, I hope I never have to open a notebook case again, changing RAM and wireless cards are one thing, but...
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    wontign to buy

    Well, when you find a laser, I sell eye protection. And welcome to LPF!