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  • Pman has something for you.
    because our eyes 'see green easier' a lower power when used with R and B is all you need. . if you are wanting a set(RGB) that 'matched up'
    get a 100 mW 532.. what you you guess is the amount of R and B needed for 'white' (or a balance). ?

    PM coming
    Looking for a high power laser
    I live in east Tennessee
    I am over 21
    Yes I have eye protection
    OK I missed that-- TY for posing that.
    We have members in your state.
    If you put Tenn. in a intro thread (in welcome)you will get greets from others near you. You wont be able to post in BS&T until you have some other posts.
    That is done because spammers generally will not spam us if they must have other posts.

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