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    WTB: ~2W 445nm Custom Build

    Red laser is nice, they are good burners (i've got a 300mW Red 650-660nm) Not the most visible, but burn quite nicely. <-- Please note 300mW is not Not good for using as a general pointer. :)
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    WTB: ~2W 445nm Custom Build

    Proper 2Watt builds are not cheap. Proper Copper + 405-G1 lense etc.etc It can get a little expensive. (If you know how to do it yourself, it might be cheaper) For the people who don't know much about electronics{Like me}, we have to buy from the PRO's :)
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    2.1W 32650 Ehgemus RPL Host

    It is a Monster indeed , Nice build :)
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    Just arrived: O-Like "400mW" 405nm

    Well i've seen videos on Youtube. One guy mentioned his 405nm Diode : "The diode drive current is set at 400mA and I tested this on a Laserbee I at 485mW" Another guy mentioned he was getting 580mw : "Micro Flexdrive v5 @ 410mA" So i'm guessing our mA should be around 350mA for current...
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    Just arrived: O-Like "400mW" 405nm

    David, i wonder if ours is also around 500mW +- (maybe Arshus was just lucky) ? Or do O-like tend to send out overspec Lasers?
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    Wicked Lasers Arctic blue laser

    Hopefully you can still do your magic on the host and "Supersize" the output of that baby. From what i've seen the host looks pretty "cool"
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    ARCTIC HOST feeler! interested? READ

    Dudes, I would say this... Pretty much everyone would like an Arctic Host Laser (except much stronger). The host looks awesome, but the most complaints is that the Laser itself doesn't look that "clean" and is not as strong as claimed. If the price is right, i'm sure these will sell like...
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    O-like <400mW 405nm

    Safety 1st!!! This counts for all Lasers, If you only want something nice and clean (go for 50mW to 100mW) <- Still very safe and good to carry around. High Power lasers tend to be too powerfull, they are ment to burn stuff. They will provide longer shining distances and are not good for...
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    O-like Blu-ray 400mW 405nm Focusable/Waterproof Laser Review (Picture Heavy)

    My buddy has a 1Watt 445nm Waterproof Rayfoss (propably 800mW true power). The Bluray simply burns faster when it gets to Matches and plastics. The Rayfoss has brute power for thicker plastics and longer distance.
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    O-like Blu-ray 400mW 405nm Focusable/Waterproof Laser Review (Picture Heavy)

    I have posted some pics before. It's a very nice solid laser, does not feel cheaply made. The price is very nice even with DHL Shipping i paid $120 i think... Overall : Burns Very nice Nice and Solid Beam (Very Powerfull) Dot is clear (minimal Splash) Size is good enaugh to carry with you as...
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    Need advice on 532nm laser purchase.

    i think anything above 200mW of green is a waste, sure it's a nice to have... Just remember alot of that beam is IR. O-like Modules and Lasers seems to be on par , on spec or overspec. Close range Green is Super Super bright. i won't go higher than 200mW (even True 50mW / 100mW is super...
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    800mw GREEN 532nm Laser POINTER! $44.04

    800mW.. ye i doubt it that power rating..\ Most propably, it's a 150mW Peak power Laser (for a few Seconds) , dropping down to maybe 85mw to 100mW average <----- at best
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    Shawn Wang 50mw 532nm laser review !

    Personally it's nice to have big strong green lasers. but... you don't really need it Super strong. 50mW or 100mW is quite awesome... (and i'm not talking about these fake 200mW / 300mw Ebay one's) That's more like a 15mW or 20mw Greenie - True 50mW/100mw Tested on an LPM is more...
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    ~1.5W 445nm Laser Burning Things

    Jeezo, some of you guys own like 10 Lasers... I basically just want one of each Colour (Nice and Powerfull of each) But then again, i'm guessing it depends what you want to do. One normal Green for day to day pointing... and then maybe one nice green burner. Same with Blue , Red and...
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    How do YOU see 405nm?

    Only way to see Violet at it's best is right infront of the Beam. Now i'm not saying go and Shine the Beam into your eye.. <-- That's just Wrong. But ye, Obviously safety 1st.... View the beam from 20meters away. Nice and Safe from the front. Then you can really see it nice and strong...